Arang and the Magistrate: Quick Thoughts

So I watched the first 2 episodes of Arang & the Magistrate but i’m not too sure how i feel about it but here are some of my thoughts on it

1) The male lead is kinda cute,lol

2) I’m not much of a fighting kinda girl, but i do like the reapers(?)

3)  so far I’m liking this drama but the parts where they go to…heaven? I’m not really liking it

4) the heaven(?) parts make me feel like I’m watching a historical Chinese drama ><

5) I love the shaman, i find her to be really cute,lol

6) Her ex “fiance” just creeps me out and when he pulled out  the knife of the gisaeng I kept thinking he killed her!

7) I think he’s a psycho with multiple personality disorder,lol He went from calm to psycho on the chick, yes she was getting annoying with her “cute” acts pero ni pa tanto(in other words: it wasn’t that bad as to put a knife in her throat).

8) I loved when the lead measured her, i never knew something like that could be soo…romantic?

9) I laughed non stop when she tried talking to the magistrates but kept killing them,lol especially the parts where she only ate half of the things to save them for later,lol

10) I hope she gets a better hanbok.

11) I guess now i know why it rains here,lol

12) the goat is cute XD


So far i’m liking this drama enough to continue watching it because overall it’s a good drama. It’s funny, cute and scary(cause of the psycho) I just hope there isn’t many scenes at “heaven that’s kinda like a setback for me.


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