King 2 Hearts Final Quick Thoughts

So im currently watching  the last episode and here are some of my thoughts as im watching it,with ep 19 included);

1) First of all why? why? did you have to kill poor si kyeong? Don’t you know how I much i love him?

2) just realized that the white actors(ive been assuming they’re american all this time,lol oops) don’t even know how to speak english. I came to this conclusion when hang ah(?) was trying to fight the bail decision and the guy presented himself as a prose-cutor(a pronunciation close to that) at first i though maybe i heard wrong but when he left he said it again, so apart from bad acting they don’t know english either,lol or I’ve been mispronouncing it my whole life.

3) aww the vhs recording! kinda romantic ^^

4) again why did he have to die? seriously someone always dies in a kdrama,

5) I think the judge was the best actor of all the foreigners,lol

6) I loved the hanbok she wore for the wedding ^^

7) I thought the princess would be walking by the end, was it permanent damage?

8) They had to bring back si kyeong, but I loved their little conversation.

9) I don’t like their kid,lol they should have given them a daughter.

10) The whole war thing in real life it wouldn’t have ended so easily.

11) No grand wedding,lol

12) Her dad just seemed super happy with his grandson.


This drama has obviously made it to one of my favorites of this year, though i prefer more old historical kind dramas this was awesome for a modern-day royal one, it was better that Goong(yes i said it,throw all the stones you want I have a bat,lol). Lee Seung Gi and Ha Ji Won made an awesome couple and i would love to see them act together again in the future. Overall this was a great drama the romance didn’t overshadow the rest of the plot, the only thing I didn’t really like was the ending I found it to be a little weak,lol maybe it was the kid. So now I’m done with this drama and judging by the preview at the end I’m guessing next week I’m going be starting May Queen? the girl from TMTETS is there but it looks eh so lets see what happens.


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