To the beautiful you:Quick thoughts

I said to myself let’s wait till ep 6 to come out to start watching and what do I do? I start watching it,lol At first I though I would be comparing it nonstop and though maybe during the first 20 minutes of it I did I somehow stopped comparing it by the end of the first episode,lol so here are some of my quick thoughts for the first episode

Warning Spoiler Alert: Read on at your own risk!!!


1) No nambai senpai! =/ No Oscar either!!! oh the horror!,lol…ok im exaggerating a little XD

2) Still don’t know the names but the soccer guy*Nakatsu* omg I love him already he has such an adorable face,lol

3) Though so far not as funny as the japanese one im so but sooo loving all the visuals,lol

4) PD can we have more swimming pool scenes? XD

5) I’m not liking the character that is always after her, and whats with putting lip balm every 30secs?

6) the dog is sooo cute!!!

7) I still like Sano(2007) more sorry minho, although this noona loves you Oguri Shun will always be sano for me

8) At least in this version she’s not soo nosy…yet

9) Girl you better calm down a bit it’s barely the first episode and everyone can tell you have a crush on him the size of… Canada?

10) I just realized no psychic guy either =(

11) So far it seems it has the same plot line but it gives the vibe that it’s a totally different drama and I’m totally liking that ^^


So these are some of my quick thoughts for ep 1 and now ima try super hard not watch ep 2,lol I usually like watching 2-3 episodes at a time when a drama i like comes out the reason why I wanted to wait till ep 6 came out. But I failed, I guess Dream High 2 didn’t have the power to keep me away I even stopped watching it, then again it was getting kinda boring? Idk,lol


2 responses to “To the beautiful you:Quick thoughts

    • I think your gonna like it, but compared to the korean version the japanese one is more goofy/funny. The korean one feels like it’s gonna go more on the drama side of the story for ex when minho’s dad slaps him*><*. Then again i've never seen a kdrama where it didnt have drama on it, even the rom-com ones have drama,lol

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