Kim Sun Ah you lucky girl

As I was looking at pictures of Kim Sun Ah I noticed one thing that I’m super envious of and that thing is that she was able to work with various good-looking guys such as

-Cha Seung Won

-Lee Dong Wook( you don’t know how much i squealed in this scene,lol)

-Hyun Bin! I like the pic on the right more,lol dont you agree?


– Daniel Henney(she did have some scenes with him too bad they didn’t do some love triangle or something,lol)

– Rain(she didn’t come out in a drama with him but she did dance with him in one of his comeback though…i think)

– Lee Dong Gun( I think he’s good-looking and for some reason when looking this two up Lee Dong Wook kept appearing,lol)

– Gong Yoo( I knew they were together in She’s on duty but apparently they worked together again in S diary)

-Kim Soo Ro(who she worked with in S Diary too, typed kim soo ro but the drama kept popping out,lol)

– Lee Jang Woon(idk about you but i think his boyish looks make him attractive,lol I especially like this look and when he smiles XD)

I’m pretty sure there must be other actors she has worked with but these are the ones I know or have just recently discovered. But Kim Sun Ah apart from being one of my top 5 favorite actresses I really envy you for working with such gorgeous men, at least in my opinion,lol What do you girls think? Is Kim Sun Ah one lucky girl?


5 responses to “Kim Sun Ah you lucky girl

  1. LOL!!!! I think their the lucky ones!! ^^ i squealed like no other for that tango scene, Phew!! not for faint hearted!!! >///< But i also LOVE the tango between her and Rain, and her and Cha Seung Won ( One of my most fav. scene in a k-drama). She keeps getting the Hottest men in Korea. Her and Gong Yoo chemistry together can set your computer on fire, lol. The cuteness with her and Lee Jang Woon, could kill someone if cuteness could kill. Let's not forget about her and Hyun Bin aka Sam Shik, lol. Both together had me on the floor laughing and i also love her and Lee Dong Gun, when he pouts because of her and can't help but melt. and her ann Kim So Ro is too funny in S dairy's. And the infamous language barrier convo between her and Daniel was also funny!!!

    • jaja, i think maybe its more of a win-win situation? She gets to work with gorgeous me and they get to work with an incredible and beautiful actress XD
      oh i just repeated her tango scene with lee dong wook i even felt like learning tango myself after that scene but then i realized that the chances of dancing tango with someone as hot as LDK are super slim,lol

  2. All of them great looking guys except for the one from I Do, I Do, I wasn’t so crazy about him. Working with Gong Yoo not once, but TWICE makes her the luckiest damn girl in the world. JEALOUS!!!

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