Movie Review of the Week # 13

I watched this movie like a couple of months ago in Netflix, this week’s movie review of the week is…

I’m gonna admit right now I still dont get the ending,lol I don’t get any of it XD This was an ok movie it wasn’t that scary but it did have you thinking a lot. Trying to figure out what happened, and just when you think you got it and case closed out of nowhere something else pops out and you’re like what the heck  and cue the credits.  It was an obvious ending for a sequel obvious cause you expect the twist the *dun dun* it’s not done yet, but how do I put it…if I had to give it a rating it would be 2.5/5. Why? Because though it does have a good plot it starts ok but by the end of the movie your soo confused(at least i was) because nothing seems to make sense. It followed a story line in the beginning but by the end one thing after another started to pop out that you don’t know what path to take and it sorta takes you in a roller coaster ride of possible answers. I feel like im repeating myself,lol Overall this was an eh movie it could have been way but way better, the actors were ok I just blame the writers I just think somewhere in the middle they got writers block or something and just said “whatever’s lets just keep em guessing till the end and we can later make a sequel or something about what actually happened. Hopefully we figure something out by then” Or like I told my brother they got high or something when they wrote the end,lol Ok maybe not that bad but still this is the first movie I’ve watched that I wouldn’t recommend,jaja unless you wanna figure it out and if you do watch it and figure it out please do tell me,lol


So here’s the trailer I watched this on Netflix not sure if you can find it in youtube though


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