A Gentleman’s Dignity: Quick thoughts and Final Review

What am I supposed to do now?!  >_<

I finally finished watching this drama and omg I loved the ending! here are some of my quick thoughts

1) As I watched this drama on viki I didn’t get why so many people started to hate on Tae San, in my opinion I could see why he was against the relationship of meahri and yoo.

1a) first the age thing they were 17 yrs apart and some say there’s no age for love, and there is no age for love but there is an age for a relationship(in my opinion).

1b) He has more experience than her and he has lived his life while she’s just starting hers.

1c) Because if it turned out she was just obsessed with yoon cause he didn’t pay attention to her, then he loses one of his bff’s.

2) I don’t really see why lawyer yoon likes her,lol

3) Who else here joined the I love Min Sook unni club,lol

4) The ending omg >< so cute

5) I almost cried during the proposal* almost*,lol

6) When he smacked the other guys kid’s dad,jajaja

7) I wish the KFC’s here had such cute cashiers XD

8) Didn’t like Meahri’s dress,lol

9) Meahri isn’t it more like mary??,lol

10) I love the part where they were dancing the macarena in the club.

11) I loved the kissed between yi soo and Do Jin *sigh* I wanna meet a guy who kisses like that too,lol

12) Found it sad when meahri told colin “so?” when he told he had liked her, yet she cried rivers when yoon rejected her *tsk tsk tsk*


I loved this drama and I think it clearly makes it to my top ten list now, though I will have to rearrange it a bit,lol I would also love to see a second season of this as well but since I think i’m going to be comparing it to the first one sooo maybe that’s not such a good idea after all. So i really recommend this drama folks, the actors were awesome, the plot, the romance, the bromance, the skits in the beginning of each episode, the kisses and Min Sook unni,lol Though somewhere past the middle of the drama I felt it started to drag a bit and Meahri’s crying got a bit annoying sometimes it somehow seems to fit the drama. Overall this was a great drama and if you haven’t watched it or are planning to watch it then I suggest you go start watching it right now,lol If I had to give this drama a rating then I would give it a 4.8/5,lol why? sorry its just that the crying…lol

So here’s a little gift for you guys* i got the idea from someone in viki* I made it my wallpaper already,lol You can imagine he’s in your bed with you XD

too creepy? sorry,lol



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