Movie Review of the Week # 12

Sorry it’s a bit late?,lol But i had a wedding this weekend and i was bit lazy to do it yesterday,lol So this weeks movie review is…


First I wanna applaud all the actors *applauding*, ok this movie was epic! Though warning it is a very dark and graphic movie, no cutesy moments or anything around there. There will be moments where you’ll want to stop watching as in the case of my dad who left half way into the movie *he doesn’t really watch a lot of kmovies unless i “force” him,lol* and there will be moments where you just wanna jump into the tv/laptop and kicks the actors butt. So basically this movie is about a teacher who moves from Seoul to some rural town to teach at a school for deaf children, he then starts to notice that the kids don’t act normally and as time passes he finds out the kids are being physically,sexually and psychologically abused. So he starts to try to find a way to help them but it turns out that almost have the town is in it, so they take this problem nationwide. People are outraged, arrests are made and the court dealings begin, it’s a good movie and though i was a bit uncomfortable with some of the scenes I guess they were there to make a point. But it must have been hard to film those parts, Overall this was an awesome movie and Gong Yoo did a great job as well ^^ if i had to give this drama a rating it would be a 5/5.


Here’s the trailer


I found this on netflix, i don’t think it’s on YT from what I read from the comments.


6 responses to “Movie Review of the Week # 12

  1. This movie was really profound, but really hard to watch. I really think it was a very important political move for this film to be made though, and I really admire the people involved for doing so. I teach students with severe disabilities, so I obviously was very moved by this movie. There are so many countries around the world where they do not have rights, and by making this the director was trying to shed some light on the issue. And of course it just made my giant ever growing crush on Gong Yoo even bigger lol.

    • True there were times I wanted to pause the movie because it became a little difficult to continue watching. And you do have to admire people who work in this field it takes a lot of dedication for it. I remember reading somewhere that the movie caused an outcry and they were given bigger sentences and laws were made to stop these kinds of things from happening. I found this movie to be awesome and I hope it gets more popularity and makes people more aware of this kinds of problems. After this movie I find Gong Yoo more attractive as well,lol

      • I still can’t believe that could go on and some of the perpetrators could be allowed to return to the school after serving their short sentence. That would NOT happen in America if it was discovered. The media would destroy them and they would be put away for life. It gets me all riled up when I think about it. Working on rights for people with disabilities in other countries is something I have seriously thought about pursuing because it is a huge problem world wide and it seriously breaks my heart. My students really are my heart and the thought of them being mistreated by some souless person horrifies me.

        • i was about to break the poor tv when they gave out the sentences and then read they were able to return to work there >< You're right if that had happened here I don't think they would have made out of jail alive. Even people in jail have some sort of "ethics" and they especially hate these kind of people. Oh me too whenever i see in the news about how some babysitter mistreated a baby or how someone elderly was being abused in a home ugh just thinking about it pisses me off.
          Well it seems to be you have really have a passion for teaching so if you've thought about maybe it's something you'll do in your future. If i was teacher too i would be horrified to know what one my students is getting abused.

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