If no concert then why not go to a Kpop convention?

As I said in a previous post the SBS k-pop concert was cancelled, though they claim it was “postponed”, 4 days before the concert was gonna happen. And when reading about the comments about people trying to find out about the refund someone commented that at least there was gonna be KCON, and then people starting asking questions about what it was. Though the only explanation someone could give was that it was basically a kpop convention and gave a link. But you can only do so much in your phone so I had to wait till i got back on Monday, so i looked it up and guess what? It is a convention! for kpop and kdrama fans and it will have celebrity panels, autograph sessions, contests, fan workshops, food, and a star-studded k-pop concert!  and what’s the best part of all?! it’s all just for $40!!  around $25 less than what i payed to the SBS concert. It kinda sounds too good to be true but this one is associated with mnet i think, so it sounds a bit more official, the tickets go on sale on August 25?24? and the event will take place on October 13th not sure where its gonna be at right now. I thought it was gonna be in Anaheim?  but people are saying Irvine so I’m not sure yet. But either way Anaheim and Irvine are not LA…I think,lol So once again i’m getting excited, though im trying not to get too excited, and this time im not gonna go alone! I hope,lol

So here’s the link if someone from LA or near LA is interested and didn’t know about this event, ^^


p.s there is even gonna be a cosplay contest

p.p.s did you hear that the word k-pop was added to the oxford dictionary? How cool is that!! ^__^


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