SBS kpop concert update =(

I don’t know if to scream, to cry, to yell or just laugh because the SBS kpop concert was postponed once again and it was this friday!!!!  We get full refund for the tickets but at this point i’m too sad to be happy about the refund, It was gonna be my first kpop concert with 4 of my favorite groups 2AM,2PM,CN Blue, and Girls Generation and Shinee…5 groups. I’m just soo upset =( Other people are venting their anger at the FB page but i feel more sad than angry right now, It was so close to home too…I guess i’m just gonna wait ti’ll the Korean Music Festival at the Hollywood Bowl next year or for SM Town to do another concert here or maybe JYP nation will do a world tour or something… either way just wanted to let you guys know in case you wonder why I didn’t post pics of the concert or anything…


2 responses to “SBS kpop concert update =(

    • I know i was so excited preparing posters but they “postponed” it, but it’s the second time they do that so i’m just gonna wait for a more official concert or something don’t wanna risk my money again =/

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