Movie Review of the Week #11

A tale of two Sisters

I’m not sure how to describe this movie it started as a regular horror movie but then…it sorta went all crazy on me. But don’t get me wrong it wasn’t dumb crazy but “omg i don’t get it! and what’s gonna happen?” It had you thinking a bit apart from freaking you out now and then. It’s not a must watch but something to add to your i’m bored what do i watch list,lol Basically this is a story of two sisters who move with their father to live with their stepmother. And as often is the story they don’t get along with her in fact they give to understand she bullies the younger of the two(moon geun young) and then things start to get weird and crazy, overall it was a good movie I enjoyed watching and there wasn’t a moment I was bored or anything.


Heres the trailer,

You can see this movie in YT or in Netflix, enjoy!


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