King 2 Hearts: Super Quick Thought

After was yesterday night’s episode I’ve come to the conclusion that the writer of this drama dislikes american’s,lol Why? First the actors and i’ve mentioned it before are terrible,ok maybe not that bad, but they’re kinda cold? idk but as I was watching the last part of the episode where they are choosing who they are gonna fight? against in the WOC. The MC says thank you to the elite groups for letting the first timers choose first and you see the USA team cheer and they’re like “they’re pretty confident of themselves they think they are always gonna win” or something like that. I should have seen that comment as a bad omen because even though they wanted to compete against the “easy” countries such as italy, the netherlands, and some 2 other countries they got USA. I can safely bet that they are gonna beat the USA, it just has to be that way because they obviously have to get married soo…USA is gonna lose. How? Idk but im kinda thinking that maybe the USA is gonna try to cheat or something and they’re gonna get disqualified and by default korea wins and “everybody” is happy. Yes my imagination tends to go a little crazy sometimes, but another reason is because when they have the bombing during the WOC training the USA comes in demanding, like always, to do an investigation but the prince refuses to cooperate and tells them to stop being so nosy and stuff. In other words they(the writer) were revealing what they really thought of the USA and though I agree we are nosy and we do think we can barge in other peoples governments and push on them our ideas, well at least our government does. But you see little(?) hints like these that make me think whoever the writer of this drama is must not be a fan of the US,lol


6 responses to “King 2 Hearts: Super Quick Thought

  1. Oh it gets worse, just wait lol.

    But really, my brother lives in China, has for about 3 and a half years now and he lives in Guangzhau, which is a major trading/business city so he crosses paths with Koreans a decent amount and according to him they are very nationalistic, in other words think they are better than all other countries and are very racist towards not just Americans, but everyone who is not Korean. They were a homogenous country and haven’t really dealt with different races much until the last 35 years when their economy started to boom and suddenly they were trading with people from other countries and people began immigrating there. So it’s just newer to them. We already dealt with our racism growing pains with the civil war and civil rights movement and all that, but they are just now starting to pass laws about racism because they are still going through that whole process. That being said, a lot of Americans tend to be nationalists as well and think that we are better than other countries and can get very racist, obviously not all Americans are like that but there are plenty of them out there. I think it can work both ways for sure.

    • oh boy,lol
      I think every country thinks its the best and there are some people that go overboard on the whole i’m a patriot thing,lol But I just felt this drama touch on it a little bit stronger than other dramas, but im still enjoying it,lol But if this were the other way around like this were an american soap opera we will be hearing something about it by now,lol

      • We would because we are very politically correct country, but it is a Korean drama made by Koreans for Korean people and their bias against Americans is pretty widespread and accepted there. Actually, I am looking into applying for an English teaching job in the Fall and all English teachers have to pass an HIV test before they can enter the country because they consider all Westerners to be highly promiscuous and are afraid we will infect them lol. They just have to go through some growing pains just like we did, they will get there.

        • jaja, yup its just some non asians like us here and there watching them,well good luck! hopefully you get job ^^
          They will get accustomed to it maybe not in our lifetime but they will get there,hopefully.

        • I’ve still got to go through all the paperwork and muck of getting a Visa and a passport before I can apply for jobs, I was just looking into it for the time being figuring out what all I need to do to prepare, but thanks!!

          Yes I think it’s actually pretty cool to get to watch them make their transformation into a very modern and upcoming country. They have made a very impressive amount of growth in their economy in a very short amount of time. And now their entertainment industry is so powerful that people all over the world are starting to listen to their music and watch their T.V., it’s even leaking slowly into the West through the internet with people like us. Pretty awesome!! 🙂

        • oh well good luck anyways,lol
          Yup, true even their actors are in movies from here like rain, jang don gun, or that guy from G.I Joe*dont know his name,lol* and soon everyone will know about kpop and kdramas.

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