Asian Dramas i’ve watched + review pt 5

So since im waiting for it to be 9:45 to watch King 2 Hearts i’ll do this,lol I know it’s been a while since I’ve done this but here it goes,lol

1) The Wedding Scheme

In the synopsis it says it’s a scheme of a mother trying to marry her daughters off by having them cohabitate(?) with four single guys. Though it is in a way a scheme don’t let that fool you into think this is some kind of regular romantic comedy, though maybe in a way it is in my opinion it is more than that.  Though they all do live together there is a purpose as to why the mother is doing it and not just to marry them but to actually get close to her daughters. So this is also a family drama and we get to see how her daughter mature as time passes which is a good thing because in the start the 3rd? daughter would talk back to her mom really badly which would shock me because if i ever talked to my mom that way I wouldn’t live to see the sunrise the next day,lol Overall this was a great drama, it had a nice amount of romance, comedy, sister bonding and family bonding and the ending wasn’t bad either so I give this drama a 4/5.

2) I do, I do

I really enjoyed watching this drama it wasn’t a pain to watch and it hooked me right from the first episode. So basically the main couple have a one night stand and the female lead becomes pregnant and the issue of abortion, single mother hood and the balance between a career and being a mother are presented. She decides to raise the child on her own but is frowned upon by her boss, her parents and her friend when they find out she’s pregnant but she still decides to fight against the odds. Though this drama was mainly about that *SPOILER* in the end she still ends up doing what she was fighting against. It’s not like im against it but then what was the point of the drama?,lol Overall it was a good drama and one where i was rooting for the second male lead,lol but I give this drama 4/5 too.

3) Rooftop Prince

I think this one is my favorite dramas so far this year it had me laughing one moment and then angry the next,lol I think this another drama where you just love to hate the “evil” characters like tae mu and sena, even after the drama i cant see sena as a good person,lol But it goes to show that she did an amazing job as an “evil” character,lol This had a good combo of romance, comedy, betrayal, ambition, struggle for power and jealousy just what I love in my dramas,lol At least in my historical ones though this one was only partly historical but I still loved it. Overall I think this was a great drama and i give it a 4.5/5 why not 5? because the ending was confusing for me,lol oh and Han Ji Min i apologize I just confused you with Hwang Jung Eum,lol in Golden Time,lol sorry!

4) The Moon that Embraces the Sun

Another drama I loved this year ^^ I loved the hanboks, the binyeos, the power struggle, the jealousy, the romance  basically everything that comes with a historical drama,lol Im getting lazy so i’m not gonna explain the synopsis,lol sorry but I recommend this drama it is a much watch. Couldn’t really hate anyone in this drama I felt sorry for the queen she just wanted his love but he was in love with a “ghost” sometimes you just can’t let go of your first love and this was the case in this drama. Overall this was a good drama and i rate it a 4.5/5, why?…idk why,lol i just dont think it’s a 5,lol

Im just gonna do 4 this time it’s almost time for King 2 Hearts and i wanna get some snacks ready before it starts, I think it’s gonna be good today I wanna see their reaction to the whole going against the US thing,lol


11 responses to “Asian Dramas i’ve watched + review pt 5

  1. I think Rooftop Prince is my favorite 2012 too, it was really good!! I cried hardcore in the last episode. A Gentleman’s Dignity is probably my second favorite for 2012 so far, followed by King 2 Hearts. I have high hopes for Arrang and the Magistrate, can’t wait for that one to start airing, only 11 more days!! 🙂

    • I cried too it just didn’t seem fair,lol I haven’t finished AGD but i also think its gonna be in my top 5 this year,lol I’ve read articles about arrang and the magistrate but it doesn’t appeal to me so far, i’ll just wait till you do a review on it and decide after that,lol *no pressure though,jajaja*

      • I just saw on drama fever today that the last 2 episodes of AGD will air Tuesday, so I am going to try to catch them on Viki later that night, hopefully they will be subbed, they’re usually super fast. I am so excited that the wait is almost over!!! Lol I’ll definitely write a review on Arrang and the Magistrate. Which new drama so you think you’ll watch for August?

        • hopefully it does air, cant wait to finish this drama ^^ Well i plan to finish AGD and i think i’ma start Golden Time I read that it was really interesting so let’s see how that goes,lol and i’ma try to watch ghost too i love criminal/cop kinda shows but since it airs at the same time as King 2 Hearts i can’t watch it so i’m going to watch it online, what about you? apart for Arrang and the Magistrate.

        • I am almost finished with Protect the Boss and I am thinking about watching I Need Romance next while I am waiting for Arang and the Magistrate to air. I may watch To the Beautiful You also while it is airing, I am a sucker for girls dressed as guys dramas (CP will always be my fave though). I’m sure I will watch another drama on hulu that is already fully subbed while I am watching the currently airing shows because you have to wait a week in between episodes, but I haven’t decided which one yet lol. I heard Ghost was very good, and I also heard Bridal Mask was good.

        • Is protect the boss good? I watched the first season(?) of I need romance but i stopped halfway cause I lost interest in it,lol ooh i had forgotten about the Beautiful You i totally wanna watch it but i’m afraid im going to keep comparing it every 30 secs to the japanese versions,jaja
          oh wow i didnt know hulu had soo many korean dramas you should try he who cant get married,lol

        • Well it definitely has its good points. The lead female character is the really strong type and she’s very smart, capable, and unafraid to kick someone’s ass and I really like that about her. I never really could attach myself to the male lead though and that makes it kind of hard to get into the love story for me, But it has some very funny moments and the interaction between the female lead and her two close friends is really goofy and cute. I’m going to write up a review on it either today or tomorrow, but it was an easy going pleasant drama, but not one that really sticks out to me, and definitely not one I would watch more than once.

          Was the Japanese version of To the Beautiful You good? I’ll look into He Who Can’t Get Married.

        • ohh sounds interesting I think ima add it to my watch next list,lol
          It’s called Hana Kimi but there’s the 2007 one that came first and then there’s the Hana Kimi remake which came out last yr I think. Hana Kimi(2007) is more goofy and crazy and more fun to watch I think, and the remake has it’s fun parts too but I read that it’s more like the original manga so it’s not gonna have the craziness of the 2007 one. I liked both of them but prefer the 2007 one, the actors are better looking in my opinion too XD

        • oh you should, I’ve watched only a few though but the one’s I’ve seen have been good. I’ve watched anime but i haven’t really read manga though, I prefer watching it,lol

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