Quick Thoughts

This has been a very busy past week started watching AGD and im in ep 13 now, started another drama called the wedding scheme on Saturday and i’m on ep 11 right now, today i started watching the chaser on tv*ep 1* a bit sad i wasn’t able to see the ending of fashion king but oh well and cant wait to watch it tomorrow and waiting for wed/thurs for the King 2 Hearts so in total im now watching 4 dramas,lol So I’ll start today with The chaser since it’s the freshest in my mind right now…

*WARNING: May Contain spoilers*


1) It’s gonna be a political/crime drama which I haven’t seen in a while.

2) It has my favorite ajusshi actor Son Hyun Joo, idk about you but i just think this ajusshi is cute ^^

3) Who is so cruel as to run someone over and over again to kill them? Couldn’t they just abandon the girl instead? It would have been more humane.

4) I wanna kill that doctor!!

5) I guess friendship does have a price, no I dont think that a real friendship =/

6) Makes you think what kinda of stuff our politicians are hiding just for the sake of power ><

7) When he asks the killer of his daughter to be the chief mourner(?) I felt like hitting someone!

8) Before burying his daughter why did he touch her forehead, massage her hands, and touch her feet? can someone explain it to me?

9) I’ve never been to a funeral so idk if it’s an asian thing or something but why do they have to feed the people who come to the funeral doesn’t it just add to their stress and pain?

10) In King 2 Hearts why the bad and ugly american actors? are they trying to say Americans are ugly or something and that we don’t have good actors? It’s always the same thing with korean dramas when they have foreign actors they are always lousy =/

11) I think this drama is a bit delusional? he gives announcement the baby was his and that she did have a miscarriage and hopes to be forgiven. And most likely they will forgive him because he was “sincere” but in real life, in my opinion, Koreans criticize the harshest and as much as they love someone one they can quickly turn it into hate. ex jae bum of 2pm and what’s happening with T-ara right now its scary sometimes ><

12) Phone service must be great in south Korea they even have reception in north korea?

13) The way he proposed to her was kinda cute ^^

14) Do we get to see the royal wedding?,lol

15) I love but love The wedding scheme ^^

16) I knew from ep 1 the male lead like the female lead, its like seeing the kinda love where the boy pulls on the girls braids to show that he likes her,lol

17) I like that all the love lines so far are progressing at a nice pace, they’re not dragging it.

18) But the sunbae needs to back off >< he doesn’t love her, he cares more about what if he gets hurt when knowing she liked him. He put himself first and in love,in my opinion, you put the person you love first.

19) The guy from the princess man*consort prince* looks good in this drama

20) Did I tell you guys I finished the princess man? Well I did,lol and the ending…was ok in the end nothing changed and lots of people died in vain

21) In AGD i love jang don gun’s character but i sometimes him too, and he should really work on his body,lol too skinny for me

22) Tae san i’ll marry you!!

23) Lawyer Yoon I’ll marry you too,lol

24) Cheater i hope you and your wife divorce she doesn’t deserve all that s**t

25) I love the guys wife I wish a had a unni like her ^^

26) I love the little skits(?) at the start of the drama,lol

27) I miss running man!!! one week without it and i started watching 2 new dramas because of it,lol


So this are my thoughts on these drama, gonna post a final drama review for I do, I do tomorrow ^^


2 responses to “Quick Thoughts

  1. I thought the same thing about the American actors in King 2 Hearts. I was like “where did they dig these lousy actors up?” lol.

    Also, I LOVE AGD and am so sad that I am having to wait another week for the last 2 episodes. Darn Olympics lol. But I also love the skits at the beginning of the episodes. The friendship between the guys is what really makes the show.

    • I know! they show no emotions or anything it’s more like acting robots? or maybe that’s how they’re told to act by the pd’s?
      I know thats why i stopped watching till the last eps air cause i tend to watch like 4 in a row without noticing,lol and i dont wanna catch up,lol I especially liked the camping skit I couldn’t stop laughing,lol but true its their friendship that makes the drama interesting.

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