A Gentleman’s Dignity Long thought

I was gonna go a  little vacation(from my blog,lol) but as i’m watching A Gentleman’s Dignity I can’t hold back my thoughts soo ima start writing again.

So I started watching A Gentleman’s Dignity on the 23rd and I’m now on ep 12,lol You can say I fell in love with this drama as you can tell by the 12 ep in 4 days,lol but there were moments I wanted to do this when watching the drama.

Why? Two…no three one-sided loves in one drama? Isn’t that too much stress and emotional pain to put on my little viewer heart? Going from crying to getting upset to  o_O   But for today I want to talk about Mi Rae(?), omg this girl…she wants to be treated as a grown up but why wont she stop crying for every single thing!? *Don’t wanna sound mean* but when she cries it’s just plain ugly, she doesn’t even cry elegant or quietly nooo…she makes a long face and  makes sure everyone around her know that she’s crying and why she’s crying. Not only that she’s always chasing after lawyer yoon, would you miss someone who is always looking for you? She needs to learn how to control her emotions, we all know he likes her but do you know why he doesn’t go to her? Because she still acts like a child, i’m 23 and I don’t act the way she is and I wouldn’t burden someone with my one-sided love. Because that’s what she’s doing she’s creating a problem between him and her oppa. If she continues this way her brother is gonna have to come to the decision in choosing between her and his friend because he doesn’t want them together. But she doesn’t see this, in her eyes it’s all about Yoon and there are times where I think to myself “It’s like she’s obsessed with him or something”. Not even the teacher had that kind of one-sided love, she quietly loved tae san and supported him. But this girl…she’s just doing it all wrong, if I was in her place I would have tried to see other guys and tried to get over him. Why? because why would I chase after a guy that doesn’t want me,that over and over again had said and shown me that he has no interest. If she started to see a guy her age what do you think lawyer yoon is gonna do, he’s gonna finally wake up and go after her and I think that’s something that can possibly happen in the near future. I hope i really do that if this were to happen then I hope her character has grown up by the end of this drama or else I’m going to get mad if she ends up with the lawyer guy and her character stayed the same cause then I would feel the lawyer is too good for her.In a way this couple reminds  me a lot of It Started with a kiss where the girl only saw the main lead guy and her whole life basically revolved around the him. The same thing is basically happening here, but I hope her character grows up and they do end up together cause their relationship is kinda cute when it’s not frustrating me,lol


10 responses to “A Gentleman’s Dignity Long thought

  1. Ha ha I talked about the same thing on my blog. Mae Ah Ri sounds like a siren when she cires, it’s awful lol. They always seem to portray women in their early 20s as being immature on kdramas. I am 24, same age as Mae Ah Ri and I am married, a middle school teacher, and I pay my own bills. Maybe it’s just a cultural difference? In the U.S. we push people to be independent adults as soon as possible, but over there they are more about being a family unit and taking care of each other. And I know in other dramas they seem to constantly call people in their early 20s “kids” and they usually still live at home with their parents. Even Go Eun Chan from Coffee Prince who was fairly mature, hard working, and generally awesome was like 24ish and she still lived at home and they referred to her as a kid. Plus there’s all the Noona romance dramas like What’s Up Fox and I Do, I Do that treat men in their early 20s like they are incapable babies.

    Anyway, I think Mae Ah Ri acts like a baby because they treat her like a baby. I think if Tae San and Yoon would treat her like an adult she would act differently. Yoon is so uptight (though don’t get me wrong, I love his character, he is adorable) that I think being with someone who is youthful and cheery like Mae Ri would be good for him as long as she matures a little.

    • Oh yes i find myself fighting the urge to skip when she cries,lol
      Yea they do maybe they think people in the early 20’s cant think for themselves or something cause i find myself saying several times “really?” But maybe cause they’re more family based because what the elders say that’s what most of the time happens*at least in dramas*. But whether its a young girl older guy, or younger guy older women its the younger side that’s never taken seriously because we dont have the “experience” they have.
      Lol I think they treat her like a baby because she acts like one. She should show them she could do it on her own even though she has a job she still relies on her brother. And when she’s not working shes after lawyer yoon instead she should go to school and get herself an education or something show them she’s growing up but she’s not, in her mind it’s only lawyer yoon and nothing else and that’s why they dont take her seriously not even I would, plus the crying doesnt help. Who cries because someone made a comment about blowing down candles at 40, really? I felt embarrassed for her. I agree she would make him lighten up but I wont accept them together until she matures,lol

      • Yeah she is definitely very immature, but I was just thinking about other characters in other kdramas that act the same way like the younger sister in CInderella’s Sister she was just like that too and I was constantly like “Why doesn’t she act her age?” lol. So I thought maybe it’s more common over there for them to be a little less mature at that age. I could be wrong though.

        • Yeah her character was awful lol, but I wasn’t really a huge fan of that drama in general even though I normally love the main actor and actress, it was just too depressing of a drama for me.

        • jaja, even though i am a fan of Moon Geu Young(?) i did have a hard time finishing Cinderella’s sister though it started good i think somewhere in the middle it started to just drag on and it became boring and i basically forced myself to watch the last 6 ep but after months that i stopped seeing it,lol

        • That’s how I felt as well. i was interested in the beginning and then it just became a giant cry fest every episode and I got really bored. I also really like Moon Geun Young, maybe her next drama will be better.

        • lol, it was a good plot but i don’t know it just didn’t hook me like other dramas. I would only watch it now and then and not constantly like with other dramas.

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