Quick Thoughts

So i just finished seeing I do, I do and after reading a review on wishiwasasian‘s blog I started to see A Gentleman’s Dignity so here are some of my thoughts on the dramas im watching…


1) Not sure what to think of the ending of I do, I do

2) They made it seem like she was dying than having a baby the setting was serious and I don’t even know why?

3) Why did they skip so many years at the end, i wanted to see them with a toddler or something not an elementary school kid

4) Overall I think this was a good drama. I’m glad in the end the VP went against her step mom shows how much her character grew.

5) In the king 2 hearts I kinda knew she was gonna be pregnant and that she was gonna lose the baby.

6) Idk about you guys but am I the only one that feels I don’t wanna watch it but still watches it? I’m not sure how to explain it but…I find it hard to watch, don’t get me wrong I love the drama but…idk It’s just one bad thing after another kinda depressing.

7) I’m at the part where they are gonna kidnap(?, im assuming) the princess  from the ambulance and I have a bad feeling this is where the cute bodyguard dies, right? =/

8) I hate the american actor…

9) I love but love A Gentleman’s Dignity and it’s only the first ep,lol

10) I love Jang Dong Gun

11) I love Kim Soo ro, he looks really handsome in this drama. I always though so from Family Outing,lol *Game Devil: cue star wars theme,lol*

12) Kim Ming Jong you got yourself a new fan,lol

13) …Lee Jong Hyuk… I thought you were very handsome in Crime Squad, but then I didn’t like you because you were a cheating…in Please Marry Me and now in this one you are cheating again?…ur still funny though but…please get other roles?

14) Lee Jong Hyuk…the hair…please change it,lol sorry ^^

15) Soo ro oppa how dare you not see the one-sided love  Kim Ha Neul has for you, she’s waayyy prettier than her friend =/

16) Kim Ha Neul…pretty, funny and awesome as always, can you tell she’s one of my fave actresses’ ^^ I’ve seen soo many of her movies it’s nice to see her in a drama for a change.


17) If someone knows a guy like the doctor from I do, I do just wanted to say im single,jaja  XD


So this are my thoughts for now ^^


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