Movie Review of the Week #9

Wonderful Radio

I wanna talk about this movie while it’s still fresh in my mind. This is a wonderful*lol* movie and it’s one that even though right now im half way finishing I can say this is a movie that wont disappoint.  It’s not you average romantic comedy movie because halfway into the movie you start to cry buckets. This movie is about a woman who used to be part of a girl group that disbanded and now works a radio dj, her producer goes on maternity leave and gets another to help raise her stats(?). In the beginning she has problems with him and he tells her to come out with a new segment for the show as a way of punishement, which by luck she does. In this segment people tell their story and then sing a song that for them has meaning, and here’s where the water works start. The stories are soo touching that omg i’m trying so hard not to cry out loud i don’t know if it’s because the people in the movie are crying that makes me cry or something else but the stories do touch you. Because maybe you catch a glimpse of your life in them such one sided love, someone dying from cancer, hard to accept a new step mother/father but somehow this director/writer knows how to get to you. Of course it then goes to move on the threats of ex idol life, where her career and those around her is threatened overall this is a good movie makes you laugh at first, cry in the middle, then it makes you happy with the ending,lol   *spoiler* i think its a spoiler,lol either way just picture  it’s the movie version of the greatest love but more sweet? idk *spoiler end*  Either way i think this is a must watch movie ^^

Heres the trailer, you can find this movie in YT

Enjoy ^^


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