SBS kpop super concert update

OMG I’m super excited after going back and forth and deciding if to get the ticket or not and if to get the 100 or 50 one I decided to buy the ticket. After some thought I bought the one I could afford which is the $50 one because after some “convenience” fee plus tax the $100 one ended up being around $120 so no can do so I got the $50 one which ended in around $64. Because this were the cheapest ones they are the ones for the seats all the way in the back but I heard that it still gives you a good view of the stage so hopefully I don’t regret it. I also heard Music Bank is planning to come to LA in September!  ^^ though some people are saying that it was cancelled i’m not gonna take a chance and start saving for it because if it’s not this concert then it’s another one. The more i keep saving the better the seats i’ll be able to afford ^^ So in three weeks it’s the concert and its gonna be a very busy night because the next day is my friend’s wedding at 11am and it may not seem much but I live in LA and she lives in Sacramento so I have to somehow make the 7hr car trip over there. So what are the plans well the concert is at 8 so i’m calculating it’s gonna end around 11pm or midnight so then I would have to leave LA around 2am to get over there around 9-9:30 to have enough time to get ready before the wedding. Oh the things we do for our idols and friends but what can i do, it’s not like I can ask my friend to change her wedding date or tell the people who are organizing the event to move it up a week some thing,lol Either way i’m excited I have 3 weeks to come up with posters for either CN Blue, 2PM, Seo Hyun from girls generation, 2AM , hyorin/Bora from sistar but mostly likely it would be cn blue or 2pm. Too bad i dont have a shirt that says im a hottest or a boice,lol So I will update you guys again about this in 3 weeks after I get back from the wedding unless something happens before that,but hopefully not =)


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