SBS kpop super concert

So on August 10th there’s gonna be SBS kpop super concert here in Los Angeles!! in the Home Depot Center in Carson which is about 30 minutes from where I live which is like super exciting but, there always is a but right, I can’t really afford it *well at least not the seats i want* i can afford the $50 and the $100 but if i buy them I go completely broke. Why? Well I have no job and the most I have is $140, yes im that poor,jaja but either way i have decided to go. Why? Cause 1) the line up is awesome *2pm,2am,cn blue,shinee,mblaq,girls generation,sistar,kara and secret* 2) when is there ever gonna be a concert soo close to home? but there’s also some downsides to it   1) by getting the 100 one i’ll be broke 2) If I go i’ll be going alone, because I don’t really know anyone who likes kpop. But ‘im still gonna do it and if you’ve guessed right yes i’m still in the process of trying to convince myself to buy the ticket,jaja well the tickets go on sale tomorrow at 10am so hopefully i get to a decision i’m 100% sure of, but i’ll keep you guys updated about this.


2 responses to “SBS kpop super concert

  1. Ahhh are they coming anywhere else in the U.S.? I live in Florida, so California is a long way and an expensive plane ticket. Otherwise I would go with you!! 😛

    • idk yet but if they announce it I’ll let you know ^^ aww you live on the other side of the country =( it would be fun to go with someone hopefully florida or some place close get a concert too

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