Quick Thoughts: Love Rain

So i just finished watching ep 1 of Love Rain and omg I wanna cry, I wanna scream, and hit somebody,lol

1) I hate this kinda of love triangles, or square or circle or whatever you wanna call it In ha loves Yeon Hee(?) but his friend also loves her and then Yeon Hee’s(?) friend also loves In Ha…ugh =/
2) I don’t know what to think about him giving up on her…
3) But then again she doesn’t tell his friend ” sorry to say this but i’m not interested ok, i like your friend”
4) If In Ha’s friend says he really know him then how come he doesn’t realize that he likes the same girl too, or he just acting dumb
5) WHY!? does he keep helping his friend to get the girl he likes!? why? why doesnt he tell him, you know what I like her too. If he’s really his friend then he’ll back off too. I speak from experience in this, me and my friend both liked the same guy and we actually talked about it and then we would go talking about what we liked about him but neither of us tried to make a move on him or nothing we both just remained as friends because we found our friendship to be more important. So if he believes in their friendship he should say something and not continue to suffer and make me suffer watching him.
6) I loved the rain scene with the yellow umbrella, found it to be extremely cute ^^

Ok so this are my first thoughts on ep 1 of Love Rain lets see if I can handle another ep of this torture. Torture not because the drama is bad but because it’s like super obvious they like each other but they don’t have the guts to do or say anything about it.


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