Movie Review of the week #8

1,778 Stories of Me and my Wife

Yay!! I’m on time this week,jaja Oh I just love this japanese movie! It’s funny and cute even though the ending not that much. So this movie is about a science fiction writer whose wife gets cancer and has a few months to live. Though at first he goes through denial he starts looking for ways to help his wife and I think*don’t really remember* that he reads an article of how laughing is a form of treatment and helps people live longer. So since his wife loved reading his books he decides to write a story everyday for his wife in  hopes that it will help her live longer. So we get to see him write a story for her every day and his struggles to be able to achieve all that for the sake of his wife. I found this movie to be very touching, romantic and sad and it’s a movie I would really recommend watching.

Here’s the trailer, but im having a hard time remembering where I saw it. When I do I’ll update it with the information ^^

Watch it in dailymotion!


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