King 2 Hearts: Quick Thoughts *edited*

So I just finished watching ep 7(?) and ugh im soo mad and sad right now. I  can’t believe they did this! aah!!! so many mixed emotions.

1) WHY??? did they kill the king? why? He was like super cool! I would have totally loved him as a oppa, ><

2) the princess too? why not kill the whole freaking royal family while you’re at it. Poor princess she’s so lively and it’s obvious she won’t be able to walk anymore.

3) So whats gonna happen now with the princess and the bodyguard? I guess i was wrong and maybe they wont end up together? But you can totally see he kinda likes her *or am i the only one seeing it?*

4) I just knew they were gonna kill the king when he and the queen started getting sleepy ><

5) I’m really not liking the queen mother

6) In my opinion what the queen mother is telling her is an insult, and when she asks about it using the queen mother’s own words she feel’s offended and tells  her why is she twisting her words.

7) I sometimes do feel South Korea portrays itself as a super great country and this drama screams examples of this, especially when she and the queen mother are alone, I hate but hate the way she’s talking to her cause what she’s really doing is looking down at her.

8) Is it ok to repeat myself? I don’t like the queen mother maybe cause she’s a mother in law and that’s why she’s like that?

Well those are my thoughts right now let’s see what happens in ep 8 tomorrow ><


Edited 7/12/12

Ok so i just finished watching ep 8 and ugh I really feel like kicking the directors butt!

1) I’m starting to warm up to the queen mother but maybe cause i feel really sorry for her.

2) I hate how they had me laughing one moment and then had me in tears the next, stop playing with my emotions! im really sensitive right now =/

3) They slept together? Is the director a fan of Bones? Cause the same thing happened there Bones was crying cause of Nigel’s death*still angry at that Hart Hanson* and she sleeps over at Booth’s house then she goes to him at his room and cries in his arms and BAM! they slept together,lol

4) I was laughing but laughing when she was copying the lines from dramas especially when she made reference to her last drama Secret Garden with the*cant quite remember the names she used* your like Kim Tae Hee(?) and Jang Don Gun to me*just an example*

5) That magician guy ugh!!! how i hate him!

6) I didn’t understand what the preview said*they don’t sub that part* but he’s(the magician guy) gonna frame her right? That she’s spying on the South.

Well those are some of my thoughts for these two episodes let’s see what happens next week.


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