Movie Review of the Week # 7

The Good, The Bad and The Weird

*sorry im late…again*

So this weeks movie review is The Good, The Bad and The Weird and if you read my post on artists that look-alike you know this is the movie where i was going “omg! won bin!”,lol but anyways i though this was a pretty good movie. In fact I’ve watched it about 3 times already. So basically the 2/3 male leads (the bad and the weird) are after some kind of map that leads to some treasure while the third guy(the good) is after them because he’s a bounty hunter but eventually becomes kinda interested in the treasure as well. Though it looks more of a…crime?thriller? kinda movie it does have it’s funny moments, as you can guess mostly coming from the weird one. Overall i think this movie had a good balance of gun fights and comedy, though i prefer sword fights more, but this was a good movie and is one I would recommend to watch when you have some free time.

here’s the trailer;

i watched it on netflix but i think it’s on YT too

enjoy! ^^


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