Some quick thoughts…

So im currently watching I do, Ido, the king 2 Hearts and Fashion King here and there on tv and sometimes there are moments where i have like a million questions when something is happening or sometimes im like what the fruit!! soo…

1) I’m kinda upset that when in I do, I do she tells her friend that she’s pregnant one of the first things she says is what are you gonna do about it and in parentheses it tells us that she means to abort it. Like really? That’s the first thing that comes out of her mouth? wow just wow! *you can totally see my stance on this right? but dont wanna get into it*

2) I feel kinda sorta bad for the second male lead but then again he’s basically trying to trick her into marriage =/

3) When the male lead see’s the pic of the ultrasound and he doesn’t know what it is…really? who seriously takes around a pic of a tumor or something? it took to see the pics of the ultrasound of the babies of the other guy to realize it.

4) The main male lead should really stop being nice to the second female lead, we all know where this is gonna head to.

5) I really wanna know what he’s gonna do now that he know she’s pregnant. Is he gonna hide or secretly support her or something?

6) What is the other guy gonna do when he finds out? Will he still like her?

7) In the king 2 hearts though i do love this drama somehow,lol i hate that he’s such a a jerk playing with her feeling knowing she’s never been in a relationship. and yes they are trying to explain that he’s like that because he’s jealous of the other guy but in my opinion that doesn’t make it right. Nothing is gonna replace the pain he gave her when he told her that he was just playing a prank on her…ugh im just getting mad thinking about it.

8) You can totally tell the princess is gonna end up with the soldier guy, it always happens I call it right now(ep 6)

9) The girl who potrays the princess isn’t this the second time she does the role of princess? she also comes out in…princess hours?

10) In fashion king I only have to say one thing….why is it sooo complicated?! I don’t get it, I really don’t. I still don’t know why i keep watching it either,lol maybe i should try watching love rain instead. But for her first drama(?) Yuri is doing an awesome job ^^

11) I still dont have any idea how the princess man is gonna finish.

12) Im getting scared of the officer dude…especially when he told her that he never intended to have her heart because her body was his. I was like omg slap him!! but the crown prince came and saved her ^^

13) The crown prince is gonna die huh? =(

14) If the crown prince dies then if she were still a princess then she would be second in line for the throne right? cause she’s the oldest daughter. But i guess now its gonna be the youngest and dumbest…oh well

So those are some of my thoughts for now since I do, I do is in ep 12 i think i can watch another 2 episodes,lol im  in ep 6,lol and maybe just maybe i’ll finally finish the princess man.


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