Just a random thought

So im watching family outing and the ep im watching is when Daniel Henney guests. So I started thinking omg wouldn’t it be an awesome idea if he came out in Running Man! That would be an awesome ep cause come on! having such a hunky guy come out, even though i ship jihyo and jong kook. I would like to see them in the same team all three ^^ cause come on can u say no to this?

Don’t you agree! ^^

omg! total hotness overload!!…sorry I just totally love this man especially when he smiles. Ugh he just melts me and makes me giggle like a girl *yes i’m a girl, just not a girly girl,lol*


*clears throat* Anyways back to the topic I would totally love to see him in Running Man and even more if he’s on the same team with ji hyo and jong kook. My little shipping imagination is running wild and all this just coming from a random though,lol So who agrees with me and says Daniel Henney should be in Running Man!…lol



4 responses to “Just a random thought

  1. Have not seen Running Man yet, but I heard it was made by the same people who made X-Man and that was a hilarious variety show. I definitely want to watch it at some point. I saw Daniel Henney in My Lovely Sam Soon and I thought he was just ridiculously hot, and he speaks English really well and his name is very American, so I’m guessing he must be Korean American?

    • Oh you should! I find it to be really funny and relaxing. Im not sure if its from the same people but i do know that some of the filming crew is the same from family outing. You may call me crazy but i prefer Daniel henney over won bin any day,jaja He is korean american, his mom is korean and his dad is american they must be really good looking parents,lol

      • Daniel Henney is probably one the most attractive Korean actor I’ve seen so far next to Gong Yoo, Gong Yoo will always come first for me lol. I don’t know what exactly it is about him but I cannot tear my eyes off of him lol. A lot of half asian half white men turn out to be really good looking for some reason.

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