Oldies but goodies…

So i’m bored with nothing to do finished watching WGM and now waiting for running man ep 101 to be subbed. Saw ep 4 of King 2 hearts, saw like 3 episodes of I do, I do tried to watch Queen In Hyun’s man again but when you don’t click with a drama or there’s no spark you just can’t help it maybe like in a year or two, the same happened with You’re Beautiful. So i was listening to my old playlist’s on my laptop and came across songs I hadn’t heard in while so I thought hey what the heck why not share my favorites,lol Maybe they’re not so old but with new songs coming like every three months you soon loose tracks of all the music you have,jaja Hopefully i’ll even introduce you to some new songs.

1)  Wheesung- Trickling

2) Chae Yeon- Shake

3) 8eight-Without a heart

4) Seo In Young- Cinderella

5)  As One- Kiss Me

6) Clazziquai- Romeo n Juliet

7) Son Dam Bi- Crazy

8) Hwang Bo- Get Hot ^^

9) Triple S (SS501) – I’m Your Man

10) 2Ne1 ft Big Bang – Lollipop

So this are some of the songs in my playlist brought back so many memories ^^


2 responses to “Oldies but goodies…

  1. Aww, I’m sad you don’t find In Hyun’s Man any good…truth be told, I watched it when it first premiered and didn’t like it either. Then I came back to it and fell in love. It gets good around ep 5 in my opinion. How are you finding I Do, I Do? I can’t get into it. Maybe I’ll have to come back to it this weekend…

    • Yea i watched 3 episodes of it but nothing, the same happened with dream high so i’ma try again in a few months lets see what happens then. I do,I do… i’m liking it though i do feel it’s a little slow at times but im still in ep 6 soo…who knows maybe they will pick up the pace in the next few episodes.

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