Movie Review of the Week # 6

Love Sick


So this weeks movie review is Love Sick with Ariel Lin! This is my second Taiwanese movie and found it to be nice. So this movie is about the main female lead who hates men,cause her high school sweetheart cheated on her, and is in this “club” that talk bad about men. She works in a hospital as a humor therapist and there meets a doctor who becomes interested in her but she believes he’s after something and not a good person as everyone believes. So she goes on a mission to prove it but of course she starts to find out nothing wrong with him and starts to fall in love with him. I really loved this movie cause I’m a bit like her and kinda paranoid when it comes to guys so it was kinda funny seeing a bit of me in her character. So try watching it when you have time it’s not a must watch but its something I think worth watching.


Couldn’t find a trailer, oh the horror!!  ='(

but you can find this movie on viki with eng subs only unless you know Taiwanese, or mandarin im not sure what the language is. I can only tell the difference between korean and japanese sorry =( but unless you know the language then you can find it on YT. Happy Watching! ^^


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