ISWAK from another pov: Love or obsession?

So i clicked on a random link on YT of the drama It Started with a kiss 2(ISWAK) and it took me to the episode and part that always but always without a fail makes me cry. When Xia Xin*no idea how to spell their names,lol* is crying outside Zhi zhou’s? door saying why is she the only one that loves in the relationship, without knowing he’s “struggling” with his new found emotions. I love this drama I truly do its like my #1 favorite and ive watched it like 5 times both ISWAK and ISWAK 2. With ISWAK being about the lives of both the main characters and how they struggled to find their love and ISWAK 2 being their life after marriage. Which i personally love because it goes to show not everything is all happily ever after but as i keep watching I keep discovering stuff that i dont like in the male leads character. Of course by the time I get to this part when normally watching it im super sucked in into the story line and I become biased but as watching that part today after a few tears I was like wth!. Because seriously you want me to believe that he has never experienced jealousy, sadness and pain? really? and then he comes running to her when shes about to be ” taken”, and i say “taken”  b/c she wont really go to the other guy she’s basically too obsessed with zhi zhou?, saying that he’s been struggling with his new emotions but that he can’t live without her. And what does she say?…”can i continue to be by your side?” really? its him who is supposed to say that, cause he’s basically the one who was ignoring her and instead of talking it out with her about what he was feeling when he see’s her with the other guy he blames her for it and punishes her like she’s at fault. She rejects in total two guys who loved her who seem to be a couple of awesome guys who only see her but noo she see’s only zhi zhou. But I guess life is that way we always want what we cant have and the more we get rejected the more stubborn we become. The same with her she tried nonstop to get his attention until he did, but even then he still didn’t look at her sometimes and that’s why she is still there. I really can’t believe there a love than can do that, that nothing else wont matter as long as that person loves me or have my world revolve around them. She was gonna be teacher when he decided to be a doctor she quickly tried to change careers as well, why? just to be near him. Don’t get me wrong I do love this drama because it goes to show it takes two people to make a marriage work but i just find myself disagreeing with how it came to happen. Or is that how jealousy works? you ignore the one you love because your afraid they are gonna leave? It doesn’t make sense to me, then again I’ve never been in a relationship so I wouldn’t really know how that works =/  Either way in the end this drama is about finding love, discovering love,discovering one’s self and stuff though right now im seeing this from another point of view. Which is she’s obsessed with him and does everything to be with him regardless of how he treats her. Doesn’t sound anymore as the great love story i found it to be but I still I love this drama and I know i’ma watch it a few times again in the future but…note to self: watch it from the start. Of course this is just my opinion, from my point of view when i watched those two parts either way sorry if it’s a long post,lol


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