Have you ever thought they looked alike parte dos!(2)

Ok I lied…ok more like I forgot but I have confused some male actors,lol and here they are! Lee Tae Sung(left) Ji Hyun Woo(right)


But I know now they are different I swear! Tae Sung is darker skinned,jaja It may seem there’s not much of a similarity but to me there was and they both play the guitar!.lol so of course i confused them*lame i know,jaja* I know i’m going to hear hell for this but it was my first time seeing them both,lol of course i was gonna get confused so its not really my fault but the next pair is Won Bin(left) and Jung Woo Sung(right).

  Jung Woo Sung

I’ma confess the first movie i saw of Won Bin was The Man from Nowhere and I haven’t seen any of his dramas either but i still found him to be totally awesome and cool in this movie even my brother who is not much into Korean movies or dramas liked it. So a few weeks after seeing this movie I saw The Good, The Bad and The Weird*which was also good btw* on netflix and i was like omg! won bin! ah!! *hiding in shame* throughout the whole movie. A couple of months ago I saw The Good, The Bad and The Weird again and i was like huh…won bin? So i decided to look up the cast list on Netflix and no Won Bin so i was like huh… so i looked it up on mysoju and again no Won Bin but it was Jung Woo Sung! Still think he’s cute though,lol Of course this was my first time seeing this actor as well havent seen none of his dramas but they do look somewhat similar no? for a first time watcher(?) of this two it’s ok right?,lol

I know i’m forgetting another pair of actresses but i can’t really remember right now. I’ll update this post later on if I remember who they were or do another post but seriously no one else has confused people before? =(


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