Just some quick thoughts

So here i am waiting for someone to finally sub ep 1oo of running man but until then here are some thoughts i had while watching the last two episodes of rooftop prince and my new found love of the king 2 hearts, which ending was spoiled by mbc thank you very much! =(


1) So park ha, sena and tae-mu dont die!

2) Bo-young was the one that died not the crown princess wth!

3) The crown prince is dumb!! why? in the end we see that bo young chooses the fruit thing as her reward for solving the riddle and eats them all knowing they have poison in them. How come the crown prince couldn’t remember this? Does he have short term memory loss or something?

4) I knew tae-mu was gonna be in the past too!

5) In the past tae mu and tae-yong where half brothers but in the present they were cousins right? so…maybe in the present they were half brothers too *omg!*

6) the ending was a bit weird *_*  tae-yong: where have you been all this time? park ha: I been here all along….wth? idk…weird

7) I really thought sena was gonna let her die, in fact when she was alone with her in the room i was like she’s gonna unplug her or take of the oxygen mask or something…yes i let my imagination run wild,lol

8) I find it weird that no one really openly started at the crown prince and the 3 others guys when they were back in the chosun era in present day clothes

9) found it hilarious that they sold that one food *cant remember the name* and made their own ketchup

10) i wonder what that guy is gonna do once his mp3 runs out of battery,lol

ok and moving on

11) saw ep 2? of king of 2 hearts and fell in love with it

12) the magician guy is evil right? i can just tell

13) the prince is a jerk(right now)

14) never! but never tell a woman you don’t see her as a woman, might as well just kill her instead. when watching this part I cried I really did, i find it to be one of the worst things a man can tell a woman regardless of the situation.

15) does this drama turn into a love triangle? is there a cute comrade like in spy myung wol(?),lol

16) can someone explained what happened in the first ep? thanks ^^

17) yay we got married is back!!!

18) I agree with sora, im liking leetuk’s arms,lol

19) this wedding ceremony jang woo and eun jung are doing…how do i say it?…they’re doing the actual traditional ceremony from there right? so…they would be considered to be actually married there after the ceremony right? so they are married for real there, right?…*i sound repetitive,lol sorry *

20) Are the pd’s forcing them to call each other’s dads?

21) I’ve watched all the seasons of wgm and this is the second time where the families from both sides have met right? with first being the andy and solbi couple…cause i know Seo In Young met Crown J’s mom but he didnt any of her family so that didnt really count.

22) I think wgm shouldn’t involve the parents in this show they may get an illusion that its for real no?

23) cant wait to see the wedding ceremony next week

24) since rooftop prince ended and from “research” done i have come to the conclusion that this week’s new drama for wed/thur is gonna be a drama called ghost and once fashion king ends its gonna be the once called the chaser with the guy from the sons of sol pharmacy house*actually looking forward to this one,not sure about the other one*


Ok so this are my quick thoughts for now =)


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