Movie Review Of the Week #5

Once again saturday is here and this time im on time,jaja and this week’s movie review is…

Sophie’s Revenge

sophies revenge

Can’t say how much i laughed and loved this movie, this movie is about is about a girl who breaks up with her boyfriend who leaves her for an actress. So she decides to get him back and she devices various methods to get him back. In a Christmas party she meets the ex boyfriend of the actress and she decides to team up with him to get back at them. But as every romantic comedy goes they start to develop feelings toward each other. This was my first taiwanese? movie and it was hilarious especially the parts where she is acting out her imaginations,lol its not awkward to watch but actually funny. This is a must watch movie, when you’re totally bored with nothing to watch I totally recommend this one.

Like the other movies you can find this one on youtube as well ^^

Heres the trailer (skip to :30 secs)


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