Some Quick Thoughts…

So this week Rooftop Prince is gonna end and ive tried to keep away from spoilers but when hearing the ost in youtube i read the comments and i know ima cry now,lol but i still have some thoughts on whats gonna happen. *feel free to comment WITH spoilers after Thursday night and w/out at any moment,lol* I also just saw running man ep 99 and have some things that…idk made me uncomfortable….

1) Park Ha dies right,lol okay  just kidding… just to be sure…she doesn’t right?

1a) I think on ep 19 Sena is gonna die. When she sees there’s a possibility park ha is gonna get run over too she runs to save them, pushes them out-of-the-way and gets run over by tae-sung. Why? cause she knows she wont be able to handle the guilt.

1b) I still think she is gonna die because she feels things are getting out of hand and her guilt is eating her up she saves the crown prince.* This is a slightly different scenario of 1a as in 1a being that somehow park ha tries to run to the cw but in 1b the situation would be park ha only yells from far away to the crown prince,as in the ending of ep 18*

2) I think Tae-sung is gonna kill himself, after he kills Sena…if he kills her,cause “hes in love with her” I think after she left him for the crown prince something changed. I think it became apparent after he finds out park ha is also the daughter of the lady from hong kong. It’s just that its easier to handle Sena in my opinion cause she lets her emotions get the best of her *sorry, quick thought i know*

I know theres a big possibility there are not gonna show this and these are more like questions,lol but…

3) what’s gonna happen when they get back to the chosun era?

4) Do we get to find out who killed the crown princess?

5) Are the automatically gonna have their old hair back*,lol*

6) Did time stop at the chosun era?

7) Does he realize he was in love with the crown princess sister, since after all in the future he falls in love with Park Ha not with Sena and if their destiny is always the same then…he loves Bo Young, right?

8) Will he marry Bo Young? *,lol*

Okay moving on,jaja

9) The tall guest from running man…didnt like him. Yes there were funny moments but in the start not even 1 minute in and he was hitting my oppa *jae suk*. Instead of laughing i was like “how dare he!”,lol

10) I loved how i wasn’t the only one bothered by that even Jong Kook was bothered by it he was like ” why are you hitting my hyung”

11) Jong Kook should stop bullying the guest poor guy didnt get a lot of air time either.

12) Can Jong Kook and Ji Hyo stand any closer?,lol

13 Saw the pics of the 100 episode of Running Man, why did u bring in a guest? and why someone i dont know,lol bring back Park Jin Sung,lol

14) I stopped watching I do, I do. Why? Cause i cant handle watching 2 ep at a time, im barely surviving with rooftop prince. I’ll just wait till its halfway done to watch it,lol

15) I dont know or have any idea how the Princess Man is gonna end, I just dont see it but im still totally loving the drama.

16) Should I give Queen In Hyun’s Man another chance?  I tried watching it but we didn’t click,lol but I read comments on its OST where people totally love it and prefer it over Rooftop Prince…tsk tsk tsk…idk

17) Can’t believe the main leads of Queen In Huyn’s Man really got together! the fans of this drama must have felt like me when Lee Si Young and Jun Jin got together after they left WGM,lol

18) This is not drama related but I recently heard B1A4(?) song called Baby Goodnight though it sounds nice don’t like its meaning,lol The song is basically about cheating but then again in the end the girl was cheating too but it still doesn’t make it right =/

19) Since ima finish watching rooftop prince what can i watch instead of it? Big seems interesting from the articles ive seen of it but idk…should i?

Ok these are my quick thoughts,lol

Heres my fave song of the ost of Rooftop Prince but cant decide if i like Baek Ji Young’s version more or the male one,lol


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