Historical Drama Costumes: Which ones are you favorites?

So I have watched a couple of historical dramas such as QSD, Jumong, Dong Yi, started Princess Man but didnt finish it, Gye Baek and now the moon that embraces the sun, though i feel im forgetting one…huh. anyways with each drama the costumes are different so ima show you my favorite hanboks ^^ obviously hanboks cause the mens costumes dont really change much.lol The only different one i can think of is from jumong but i didnt like it.

1) Dong Yi

I found it sad i didnt really find nice pics of the actual queen just of dong yi and jang hee bin

Out of everything Dong Yi put on when becoming a concubine this was the one I loved the most ^^

It took me a while to find but this was the best from Jang Hee Bin(in my opinion)

2) Queen Seon Duk

Though I didn’t really like the princess clothes I just fell in love with the kings clothes ^-^

If I could try it on once it would be awesome!

I also like this one too, all her king costumes were good ^^

and from Mishil I liked this one out of all the ones she put on

3) Gye Baek

Like in QSD i didnt really like most of the hanboks but i think this ones were one of the best ones

^ was really hard to find pictures of ji hyo  fron gye baek should of downloaded the ones from FB when i had the chance =(

when she became queen i liked this one the best, you cant see it really good though but if you have to see it see ep 33,34 you can see it there.

I liked the priestess’s dress though since she came out in a few episodes its kinda hard to find a good  pic of her but here’s one of the top part of the dress i think you can imagine the rest,lol

4) Jumong

just like gye baek it was hard to find pics of the girls =(

but here’s one of Seosono that i think is ok, which is the pic of the posters but i remember there was one i liked a lot i guess ima have to rewatch this drama to get a screen cap of it.

IPB Image

5) Princess Man

I started to watch this one again since i had stopped and im not even sure why i stopped its an awesome drama so far,lol

6) The Moon that embraces the sun

On the episode before the king tells his grandma to leave she wore this hanbok which i liked.

7)rooftop prince

Didnt really like the crown princess’s hanbok but i liked park ha’s one from the promotional posters,lol

As you can tell I prefer the royal hanboks but i just find them to be soo pretty and elegant dont you agree? So what are your favorite hanboks? Is there a drama where you think it had the best looking ones? In my opinion so far from all the historical dramas ive watched I think Dong Yi has the best female costumes I even liked the female inspector ones. Sorry If its such a long post, at one point I had decided to put it into parts but i felt it didnt make sense and it would lose the meaning i was trying to give it. Well Hopefully you enjoyed reading it ^ ^


2 responses to “Historical Drama Costumes: Which ones are you favorites?

  1. I love hanboks too. they’re just so vivid in colour. like you, i much prefer the royal ones. I loved nam bo ra’s one in METS. I think it would have looked better on someone a little more mature looking but whatevs. I have a habit of liking the ones with clashing colours as they catch my attention more, e.g. yellow on pink. the hanboks in princess man were also all really, really pretty.

    • Yea the royal ones are so pretty and of course they are since they are meant to be worn by the queens and princesses. I think because there were times she was a bit childish *even thought she does looks super young* but I did love most of the costumes in TMTETS too even the ones the main priestess put on,lol but I prefer ones with darker colors, dont really like bright colors,lol

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