Have you ever thought they looked alike?


Have you ever had those moments when you discover the actress portraying a certain character in a drama wasnt the actress you  though it was. You could have sweared it was them but it wasnt or am i the only one that has gone through this? I’ve had several of those moments and usually with female actress very rarely with males, the only occasion would be with junho and wooyung from 2pm,lol *i know i know and i call myself a fan,lol* The first time it happened to me was with actress Yoo sun(right pic) I thought she and Baek Ji Young(left pic) where the same person,lol It all started when i was watching The sons of sol pharmacy and then i saw my ears candy I was totally surprised because I thought “oh my god! she’s a singer as well?” but I didn’t bother to look up the actress or anything until like half way last year, I don’t remember the reason why I looked her up but in the end I found out they were two different persons. Have in mind that i’m not like a big long time fan of Baek Ji young since I only have heard a few songs of her from ost’s and thats it*though maybe i should look up more of her music* but i was shocked to know one was a singer and the other one an actress and not the same person,lol Another case of mistaken identity,lol would be Park Si Yeon(left) and Moon Chae Won(right)


Aren’t they similar? all this time when watching Shining Inheritance, the Princess Man, The painter in the wind I though Moon Chae Won was Park Si Yeon. It was until recently when looking up the cast from the princess man that i discovered they weren’t the same person, how? well under the dramas Moon Chae Won has done Coffee House wasnt part of the list so I was like what the heck and did a little research and then i find out Park Shi Yeon was in Coffee House but not in the other dramas. Was a total shocker for me, but i think the next two people are gonna be shockers for you, you are gonna think im crazy for confusing them or maybe you did too,lol Promise your not gonna torch me or something,lol I swear i am a fan of them too. Well the next two are Son Ye Jin(left) and Han Ga In(right)  Han Ga In - Cute Girls

Ok,ok I apologize *90 degree bow* you may not see a similarity but I do! I totally confused them though on pics i can somewhat tell them apart but in dramas omg no,lol So have you confused certain actors/actress or singers? Let me know! I dont wanna be the only one,jaja


2 responses to “Have you ever thought they looked alike?

  1. omg total random passerby here, but exactly the same thing for me with Park Si Yeon and Moon Chae won, I got to your blog by googling ‘park si yeon moon chae won look alike’, LOL~ I was watching princess man and all this time I thought it was park si yeon….until a wiki’d it and found out it was moon chae won! Just had to comment to let you know~ haha interesting they look nothing alike in “innocent man” to me, probably because of make up

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