Movie Review of the Week # 3

So once again Saturday is here and this weeks movie review is…


Oh such a sad movie that I cried in the end. This movie takes place in a female prison and it revolves around the women who create a choir and together they face the hardships of living there. One case is of a female prisoner who is pregnant and has a kid in the prison and the time she has left with her baby before they take the kid away, another one is of an old prisoner who has been there for years and who her kids never visit her and as well as the other stories of the other inmates and how they ended up in the prison. In my opinion i found this to be a very touching movie and in the end i was crying i found the end to be really beautiful and sad. I would recommend watching this one when you have free time, i wouldn’t say its a watch right now but its a movie that i considered to be one to add to your must watch list,lol


Couldn’t find the trailer but i did find an MV with the OST of this movie with eng subs, almost cried reading the lyrics =(

you can also find this movie on YT

Happy watching! ^ ^


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