Movie Review of the Week #2

So Saturday is here again and here’s my next movie ^^

Over the Rainbow

So this movie is about two college friends who meet again after the male lead loses part of his memory in a car accident. He finds a picture of a woman and he becomes curious as to who she is, he then receives a call of a woman wanting to return a lighter so he goes to meet her thinking maybe she knows him or something but then finds out she was calling his roommate. He also finds out they where all friends during college and together they try to find out who the woman in the picture could be. So they meet each other often when he thinks he remembers something and go looking for the other people who they were friends with during their college years. Slowly through the flashbacks we find out or they pretty much give to understand that he liked her but during that time she was dating his friend. Soon they find out a clue as to who the woman is but by this time he has obviously lost interest cause well you know,lol This movie was really nice and i really liked it it wasnt too mushy and it in my opinion had a nice amount of romance to it so i really recommend it.

heres the trailer

and you can find this movie at burnie022’s channel in YT, enjoy!


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