Rings from Dong Yi

So i was trying to search for rings similar to the ones from Dong yi but i cant find them cause i dont know what they are called and when searching through the episodes i found someone who looked really familiar,lol can you guess from where?


Anyway i was wondering if anyone knew the names of the rings, like do they have a special name to them or something. Because I have no clue how to find them :/

heres a pic of them, any help is appreciated =)



2 responses to “Rings from Dong Yi

  1. No it’s ok ^-^ it is always fun to learn little facts like these, it helps you understand the drama better(in my opinion). I had always liked them when watching historical dramas and from dong yi I had always assumed only the married women wore them, since the king gave them to her to show his love. But now ima be paying attention to the smaller details. Thanks for the info ^__^

  2. You’ve probably heard of 반지 from all your variety show watching, but yeah if I’m not mistaken, those rings (the ones that come in pairs) are what is known as 가락지. The ones from the Joseon dynasty are normally made of white and green jade and actually have a great deal of symbolism behind them. Rings in pairs were worn by married women to symbolize unity (in body and spirit) with their spouses. Single women wore only one ring.
    Also: while rings were generally made of gold or silver or what have you, in those days upper class women and the royal family would wear Korean jade. Essentially, it was a status symbol which is also why crowns and jewellery were often adorned with it (you’ll probably start noticing this in sageuks now :P). Symbolically, jade also represented good health and fortune while rings (circles…), then and now, represent the eternal cycle of time and marriage. Apparently, there’s also a whole bunch of traditions involved in when certain rings were worn during the calendar year during Joseon times (and why) but I don’t know enough about that. Yet!
    Wow that was long. I love this kind of stuff though so I apologize for the rambling!

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