Running Man ep 96 Quick Review

So i just finished ep 96 of running man and even though I laughed like crazy during the first 4 parts that came to an abrupt stop when i saw this

I LOVE kwangsoo i really do, i love his dorkiness, his weird dances moves and ive liked him from when he was framer kwangsoo to what he is now the icon of betrayal(lol) but my dear oppa on this episode you have upset me. During the tug of war they made jong kook use only one hand and on the second round when hes in the middle of the game kwangsoo starts to twist his free arm backwards. I know that through out the show hes always getting picked on but this just didnt feel right and through out this episode though at first i took it kinda lightly but like a saying in spanish goes this was the drop that topped the glass(?) because earlier he had kicked him a few times and it was a little bit funny but the arm twisting just went a bit too far for my liking. In my opinion you don’t need to hurt anyone to create a fun atmosphere, but i guess they are all really used to each other by now to “play” that way but i dont see the fun in that since lately jong kook has seemed to become the target of the running men.Maybe im just being biased or something but seeing him do that just upset me and killed the rest of the episode for me, idk what do you think? Did he go too far? or does it seem fair? On a side note Park Ji Sung was sooo freaking awesome he seemed to fit in comfortably with the rest of the running men knew when to answer and what to answer which seemed to surprise them. I couldn’t stop laughing with the soccer game, when ji hyo and IU were both the goalies they kept moving from side to side together with their arms extended as if they were playing some other game not soccer,lol I thought they looked cute ^^ Overall it was a good episode, laughed a lot in the beginning  and i find it  awesome!!! that park ji sung is a spy!!! cant wait for next week ^__^


(sorry they look blurry, i suck at making screen caps,lol)


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