Asian dramas ive watched + reviews pt 4

haha omg i cant believe i keep forgetting about this so lets try this again,lol

1) Best Love a.k.a Greatest Love


Oh i just loved this drama and i give it a 5/5 and it makes it like to my top 5 dramas of all time. Of course this is just my opinion,lol So basically the main male leads falls for the female lead but she doesnt like him, in fact she kinda finds him annoying . Hes a big shot star and she’s a struggling artist trying to make it again in the entertainment business. He tries to make her like him while competing with a herbal? doctor and so starts the “war” between team doctor and team dok ko jin, teams because some thought the doctor was better for her and some thought dok ko jin was better. In my opinion i was team doctor, i though she looked better with him plus he was very nice to her, but I loved them both. Dok ko jin was a hilarious character there wasn’t an episode where i didn’t laugh. I also loved this drama because it gives a glimpse of what idol life is, since the female lead was part of a girl group who had disbanded because of differences which shows you that not everyone in a girl/boy get along even if you try to deny it that’s why I totally recommend this drama.

2) Scent of a woman

Scent of A Woman Part.3

This drama made me cry, sad,angry and happy and it was awesome and i also give it a 5/5 the same goes for the ost for this drama the music the plot it was perfect as well as the actors. So this drama is about a women who discovers she has cancer and a little time left to live and on the same day she gets the results she gets crap from her boss and she decides you know what im not gonna waste what little time left I have to live working for people who didn’t appreciate her and took advantage of her. So she goes on a trip and meets the male lead who confuses her for a tour guide and she goes along(since he is her boss) with it though he later knows the truth he still looks for her. They end up falling in love and everything and we see the development of this story. WARNING possible spoilers: In the first episode she gets drunk and blames her dead father for getting cancer,he died of cancer, and tell his grave that she wants to fall in love too, get married and have kids and now she cant have that. She did it with such a passion and sadness that i started to cry, im not lying i felt her pain somehow, thats why i love kim sun ah she always knows how to get the feeling across, it was such a sad part it really broke my heart because that is almost every women’s dream and she wouldn’t be able to accomplish it. Overall this was a good drama and i loved the ending ^^

3) Gye Baek

I just finished this drama like a month ago I think and I give it a 3/5. I loved the beginning because I tend to favor dramas that are mostly of the battle between the queen and the concubines struggle for power. In this one the queen consort had the actual power over the king and the queen in which later she becomes queen because she kills the queen*in the first episodes,when gye baek was young*. The first episodes were soo awesome for me but the plot of this drama wasn’t that but the life of General Gye Baek of Baekje. We see betrayal between friends, jealousy between the queen and the queen consort(when gye baek is an adult), evil schemes,lol Kinda the usual but in a more boring fashion, i liked the drama but it wouldnt make it to my top 20,lol Sorry ji hyo unni I loved your acting though, changing from a good character to an evil one. Though it did have its moments for example when Ui Ja almost rapes Eun Go, when the queen realizes Ui Ja is awake and not in a coma anymore and begs for her life(i found that part awesome,lol) and when Gye Baek’s wife tells him to kill her and their children to raise the armies morale and he does, those were major OMG’s for me. It was a good drama but not one of my favorites at least song ji hyo got to be a queen in this one like in Jumong where not even once she got to wear a queens costume.


I saw this drama like 5 years ago? im not sure but i was new into the whole korean drama thing but i remember I really like this drama though I didnt quiet like the ending =/  so from what I remeber i give it a 3.5/5. This drama is basically about well finding your soulmate, well…finding without really knowing they’re your soulmate. In this drama the male and female lead are soulmates and they keep on constantly meeting each other or are in the same place and just by a few seconds miss each other. Its basically giving the message that the person meant for you can be just about anywhere and because your destined to meet, it doesnt matter how many times you almost met each other eventually you’ll come to meet or somehow be in each others life. I would recommend this drama, sorry i didnt write in more detail but cant really remember it i just remember some scenes here and there, for example when she’s trying to call someone and she ends up calling someone else and it turns out to be the male lead and shes just crying and crying and instead of hanging up he puts a song he likes on the phone so she could hear the song, kinda of an awww moment for me,lol

5) Love Letter

Again this drama was one of the first one I saw and i didnt finish it because i just couldnt bring myself to it and i give it a 1/5. Sorry ji jin he and Soo Ae I love you as actors but this drama was just ….. I don’t recommend this drama, that’s all I have to say. By the end i felt it was a waste of time it seemed like someone just made a mess of the whole plot. Two guys with the same name are in love with the same girl both are surgeons but one has a dream of becoming a priest but is torn between his dream and the woman he loves, she loves the guy too but the other surgeon loves her too and hes her friend too, it was just super complicated. She gets a heart condition and tells him to become a priest and after she gets better she stays by his side even though he is a priest or something like that but it was just a mess for me, dont watch it,lol well you can if you want but i dont think you are gonna be happy with the ending or who knows maybe you’ll actually like it.

So this is my next batch i’ll try to do this more often, but im almost running out of drama i’ve watched… i think. I’ll have to write them down so until next time.


2 responses to “Asian dramas ive watched + reviews pt 4

  1. Loved Scent of a Woman at first (and my love for KSA and LDW is limitless lol), but it just became too much of a pity party for me towards the end. Not really into crying my heart out every episode or wallowing in sorrow for too long. Ironically, that wasn’t the message in the drama and yet that’s just how it came across to me.
    Also, I feel that when it comes to Soo Ae, you either love her work… or you don’t. I fall in the latter camp. She’s not a bad actress by any counts (in fact, she’s great!), but I just can’t seem to like her as a person…(that just sounds wrong, but I hope you know what I mean) and so I tend to find her projects mediocre. Never saw Love Letter and from your review there, I don’t think I want to. I’ll have to go through your previous recommendations though – maybe there’s something I haven’t seen yet.

    • True towards the ending it was sorta sad but on the bright side they didn’t really kill her off,lol But I guess this drama was more on the perspective of who you were seeing this drama through i guess cause though it all centered around her there was also the one sided loves. For me i loved the doctor so i took it more through that side than her about dying so i didnt find it as sad as maybe others did cause i only cried once,lol but i did feel sorry for him a lot. I think I know what you mean about Soo Ae and not liking her a person she does seem a bit…idk but even though i did not like Love Letter I did like her in 9 end 2 outs but I guess its more of a matter of how you see the actress/actor and how it affects the way you see the drama. Because sometimes the drama can be really good but because of a certain actor/actress youre like it would have been better if they had chosen another person instead of that one, at least for me. Dont watch love letter that’s like my number one drama that i wouldn’t recommend,lol

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