Movie Review of the week

So ima try to do a weekly review of movies ive seen, hopefully you give em a try. So here’s my first review;

Going By The Book

going by the book



If you want to have a good laugh without the romance this is the movie to see and it’s simply just hilarious. So this movie is about a guy who is a cop who follows the rules to the letter, for example if the cop rule book says you must have your hat at a certain angle he will go and actually measure to see if he has it at the right angle. So in the beginning without knowing gives his new boss a ticket for crossing a red light at a lonesome road and because of it he gets punished by superior. The town banks are often getting robbed so the new boss comes out with a plan of setting a fake robbery to train the cops better and show a better side of the cops. In the end our male lead is given specially the part of the robber though he tries to warn the boss that he shouldn’t but the boss tells him that he’s not asking him if he wants to but he’s ordering him to. So you see the male lead start to train to become a robber, he does research, see’s movies and goes and picks out his robber clothes. So the fake robbery starts and the other cops are just like whatever but when they realize he has a real gun everyone starts to panic. Throughout the movie situations come out to get him to stop but he always has the answers (he did the research,lol) because he always takes everything seriously. Over and over again i couldn’t stop laughing with this movie, I even had to stop watching for a while afraid the neighbors may call the cops or something thinking maybe a crazy woman had escaped,jaja but this was an awesome movie and if your mad or sad or simply bored with nothing to watch I HIGHLY but highly recommend this movie, The boss told him become a robber and a robber he became,lol


here’s the trailer(no subs)

(FYI: you can find the movie on YT too at DeeKee4200 channel)


2 responses to “Movie Review of the week

  1. This sounds awesome! I will definitely check this out. Truthfully, I wish I could watch more movies but it’s just so hard to balance weekly dramas with movies and variety LOL. Oh the hard life we live 😉

    • You’re right we do live a hard life ^_^ to balance everything that’s why i had to cut down on my drama watch,lol from 4 to 2 dramas It is an awesome movie and hopefully when you do get to watch it you enjoy it as much as i did. I had so much fun seeing it that i downloaded it, jaja

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