Rooftop Prince: Quick thoughts

Warning! contains spoilers read at your own risk XD

Well i was bored today at work and then the thought came to me well many thoughts,jaja So ima list them or at least try to list them and give some explanation on them ^-^

p.s im still like in ep 12? i think im not sure im watching on the tv.


1) Park ha is older than the crown prince right but he wants/likes sena but she’s the older sister of park ha so there’s like a 5 year difference between them right? I hadn’t really realized that he’s into older girls,lol

2) Can you imagine how sad park ha’s life must be if its her destiny to always have sena as her sister, cause its obvious everything she has sena wants. Even in the past she burned her face for what? to take her place to marry the crown prince and even after that she has her as a servant basically.

3) Even then when she has secured the spot of crown princess she still feels jealous of her for example when the crown prince is giving park ha/Bo-young(?) the riddles she tries to get his attention back and gives her a look as if it to say back off.

4) I think the reason she dislikes her is because she’s faking to be someone she’s not she acts like she is kind and caring but the truth is she is ambitious and selfish and doesn’t care who she hurts. I’m sorry if im sounding too negative about her but I really don’t like her character and imagine park ha has to live with her in that destiny over and over again must be tough.

5) Tae-sung is just like Sena, he’s jealous of Yong tae(?)/crown prince just like Sena is jealous of park ha.

6) Both Tae-sung and Se-na are ambitious and want power and money.

7) Did tae-sung come out in the old times part? I missed like the first episode so im not sure.

8) Is there a possibility that*remember i didn’t watch the first ep* that taesung killed the Crown Princess? In the modern world hes with her and its kinda obvious he obsessive so maybe in the past he was in love with her too and couldn’t stand that she was married to the CP and killed her, like if I cant have her no one can?

9) If the CP falls in love with park ha then whats gonna happen in the past? will he marry the sister of the crown princess? will he stay in the present?

10) Is there a possibility that he could be in love with the crown princess’s sister already, since he did enjoy giving her riddles? and since he obviously is starting to like park ha then it could happen right?


Well there’s so many possibilities of what could happen, so cant wait to find out what happens when he realizes park ha is bo-young(?), and when sena and park find out they are sisters, ahh!! its gonna be epic! hopefully ^^


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