Dream Interpretation help

Yesterday night I had a very bad dream which left me feeling very sad and worried so here’s the dream maybe one of you can help me with it.

So dreamed I was running and wearing a hanbok(Korean tradional wear, and im not Korean) but all of sudden I fell down and I was dead with my eyes open and I could see myself just lying there but when I was running I felt like I was running to see someone I loved a lot but never made it. I then went into another dream though I remember very little of it but I remember I was very sad because a woman had told me to stay away from her son. From them I saw this man holding a child and it was asking if mom was gonna come back but he just held the child crying. In the dream I knew I was dead and knew he was the man the woman told me to stay away from and I also knew the child was mine and felt grief coming over me. After that I dreamed that I was being forced to marry an old man(my impression) but then it turned out it was a young guy but I was crying because I didn’t want to get married to him. My cousin asked jokingly if he could have him but then apologized because she said she couldn’t do that to me. After that I was lying in a bed and realized I had been dreaming(still part of the dream) and tried texting but felt too weak and then a small door opened and my brother asked me if I was ok and I told him yes and told him to close the door as I looked out of a small window I felt very sad and I turned my face to the right and I saw a big throne standing in the middle of my so called room(so called because the room was really small) and that’s when I woke up and started crying.


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