Who I would like to see in running man.

I’ve watched running man a lot and I’ve also watched family outing 1 and sometimes re watching family outing I get the thought omg i wanna see this person in running man so i made a list,well still the process but ima keep updating it as i rewatch episodes.  I see this people and I think why dont this people come out more in variety shows they obviously have the talent to come out in shows but they dont, so here’s my list, of course some of them didn’t come out in FO some came out in other shows. ^-^

1)Lee Jin Wook: came out in ep 11/12 of FO,loved his imatations,lol I still cant believe hes the comrade from spy myung wol.

2) Hwang Bo: That woman knows how to laugh and have fun regardless of anything without being embarrassed and would love to see her in RM.

3) Cha Seung Won: thought he was hilarious on FO,lol came out in ep 44/45

4) Hwang Jun Min: from that fool, the one who was singing the omija song like the lions king song,lol ep 40/41.

5) Song Il Gook: from Jumong, im not sure what he has come out in but I would like to see him in RM.

6) Kim Sung Soo: from ep 79/80 of FO, I loved the heartbeat parody,lol  but dont really know who the guy is,lol

7) Song Chang Ui: from ep 30/31.

8) Park Hae Jin: he became part of FO on ep 54, i kinda think hes cute and a little like kwang soo,lol

9) Min : from Miss A she was hilarious in oh my school

10) Moon Geun Young: I just love her,lol and would like to see how she does


2 responses to “Who I would like to see in running man.

  1. OMG I love this list! I’ve only ever thought of who I’d like to see couple up on WGM but never who I’d like to see guest on RM. The one group that I really wanted was Big Bang but then it happened and… it was kind of a disappointment. So in terms of idols, my vote goes to Infinite. Someone make this happen! Since Lee Min Jung’s already been on, I’d like to see Park Shin Hye (cause she seems like she’d have tons of fun and have no problems disregarding her image) or Shin Min Ah (I wonder what she’s like on variety?) guest. What about Kim Soo Hyun and Jung Il Woo – just to see a whole other side to them? While we’re at it, let’s make it an F4 with Lee Min Ho and Joo Won (sadly that ain’t happening any time soon!). So instead of Joo Won, I vote for Lee Seung Gi! He’s got no excuses now that he’s not on 1N2D anymore 😉

    • jaja, i was also disappointed with it but what can you do right? I would like to see all of the 2pm members i think it would really funny. Hadn’t really thought on Park shin hye but yea she does look like the type who doesnt care about her image when it comes to having fun but who knows and Lee Seung Gi should come out in the same episode too ^^. All F4! i think ji hyo would agree with you,jajaja as well as me too or maybe won bin(yea right)

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