Gye Baek Ending Review

So I finally finished watching Gye Baek yay!! I would have finished faster but something happened and well I wasn’t in the mood for anything. So i’m just gonna talk about the last episode cause that’s the freshest in my mind or whatever i can remember. So well we find out what we already know that Eun Go is a spy for Shilla and because she reveals information a lot of soldiers die in an ambush. But thankfully out trusty Gye Baek comes out with another plan to surprise the enemy and he gets taken into jail to punished for not being a good general and getting a lot of soldiers killed. So the plan works and they take back a city that is really close to the capital, Kim chun chu also sends an envoy from the Tang to see Ui Ja and feeds him info on how Baekje is allied with Goguryo *fyi: idk how to spell the names*. Ui Ja finds it offending how the Tang believe that they can order whatever they want since the envoy demands that Ui Ja write a letter of apology towards the emperor for making an alliance with goguryo. So with Ui Ja’s temper he cuts the bun off his head and tells him he will do no such thing and that hes basically sick and tired of doing whatever the Tang wants. So the envoy takes it as a sign of declaration of war, the nobles beg Ui Ja to apologize that going against the tang is a mistake. So in the end they go to war against the Tang and Shilla but they dont know who they are gonna attack first goguryo or baekje? But at this point its known that the Queen is shillas’s spy and she escapes to shilla but when finding out that shilla and the tang have allied to attack baekje she runs away to tell gye baek about it. The nobles think its just a plan to trick them and want her death but gye baek that if the tang are gonna attack that’s not the most important thing at the moment. So plans and alliances are made in order to fight against them since they are at disadvantage since Shilla and Tang together are about 10 times? together the size of their army. Which brings me to the part where I was going omg omg, his wife talks with him saying she fighting her own war too and she knows the armies morale is low as well and that he should do something about it. That even in war if she were to die it wouldnt matter because she’s fighting it along him so she tell him to kill her to lift the soldiers morale. He begs her not to ask that of him but she responds that the soldiers morale is down because they have nothing to fight for since they have no loved ones behind. If he were in the same situation as them and he still fought their morale would be lifted,of course this is what i understood from what she said. So in the end he kills her and their children, which left me saying omg who would sacrifice their family that way. I had read in the wiki page about him that he had killed his wife and children to boost his armies morale but the thought that someone would do that didn’t hit until i saw the drama and went omg he really did kill his family. When the army finds out what he did they swear to him that they will avenge his family and fight until their death. So the war starts but though they have a few victories they still become outnumbered and their allies and back up gets defeated in the end sadly gye baek dies in the middle of battle and obviously baekje is defeated and the drama ends with him seeing visions of his wife and children. Though i kinda wanted to see and epic final battle between him and whats his name the general of shilla yushin? but since that didn’t happen in the history they couldn’t really add that. Overall it was a good drama and I would give it a 3/5 im not sure what i was expecting but i guess i like more when the drama focus on the battle between the queen and the concubines than on the life of a general. It’s just how i said in the beginning i didn’t know where this drama was going, at first it was revenge about the death of his family and then what it just became a biography and i know the point was the drama was about his life but i find myself disappointed with the drama hopefully another historical one starts that catches my attention. I know some are of have started that start historical but they are time traveling one, though im watching rooftop prince im not sure if I wanna go there. So this is my review written of a period of two weeks,lol so sorry if doesn’t sound quite right,lol


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