Rooftop Prince or The Moon that Embraces the Sun?

This is the question that tortures me on Wednesdays and Thursdays for the past month, I have almost entirely stopped watching dramas online and instead tune in at 9:15 Mon-Thurs. Either SBS or MBC since I cant watch KBS on my tv for some reason, either way maybe its a good thing because imagine trying to change back and forth between 3 channels to see 3 different dramas? Since rooftop prince starts around 9:15 and TMTETS starts around 9:30 i tend to favor RP. i try switching during the commercials but they don’t last too long. Of course i don’t have the same problem on Mon-Tues because I prefer to watch History of a Salary Man didn’t quite like Lights and Shadows? not sure on the name but Son Dam Bi comes out in it though i have I havent seen her yet.but then again I dont watch it,lol So anyone having a similar problem as me but with different dramas?,lol I just wished i had like two tv’s but it would be hard to put attention to both cause well…I do have to read the subs.

*Warning Spoilers:Read at your own risk*

So since I have been favoring Rooftop Prince(RP) I kinda got lost on The Moon That Embraces The Sun(TMTETS). So far right now Yeonwoo just died(?) or faked her death i think, but i’ll see tomorrow. But why did she get sick did the Shaman put some curse in her or something since I watch more of RP i only watch the last 20 minutes so I dont get much out of it. But I almost cried when i saw the crown prince crying I dont get why he cant go to her. Can someone explain it to me,please? Im thinking of watching it online but I dont even know what episode i’m in plus I like it more this way but if someone could tell me I would be soo happy you wont be spoiling it for me, unless you say something about the future episodes.
As you can tell I love RP its soo hilarious so far, i was kinda lost in the beginning,still am,but omg i cant wait to watch it tomorrow. So basically this chosun crown prince gets sent to the future not sure how i kinda missed that part, since that day I favored TMTETS more, So when I saw it again the prince and the three guys where in jail. Im kinda lost on who the characters are but the lawyer guy from horray for love seems to be the evil guy right? I kinda get the feeling he wants the whole inheritance for himself or something but I see ambition in his character as well the girl with the short red hair,acting like shes rich or something. If you could explain this to me as well it would be awesome too, FYI: Im in the part where the crown prince see’s the red hair girl in the fashion show and runs to her destroying the set screaming crown princess.
I’m still not sure why he even loved her when i got the feeling she wasn’t a good character or did I miss something in between? Either way this is my dilemma on wed-thurs,lol


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