What is happening with Running Man?

I love running man and i have watched it from the very beginning but lately it feels different. I feel that in the recent episodes its been more about the guest than anything else, about 75% in my opinion of the screen time has been about the guest. We don’t see what the other members are doing because all that seems to matter is the guest. For example when Lee Da hae came out, most of the time we only saw the other members because she went and talked to them I had thought this episode was gonna be epic because they all thought they were the spy. But no the only time i found myself laughing really hard was when jae suk kept telling her to go away and she kept telling but we are a team it was something that was funny and annoying at the same time but at least for me. I liked her in my girl but i wasnt happy with the episode she guested in, the same happened with the actress from The Classic Song Ye Jin it was all about her. I know they’re special guests but im sure they like the show for the same reasons we do but lately its been about the guests only. I know I sound like I am repeating myself but its the truth for the past 4 guests Lee Da Hae, Big Bang, Ha Ji Won and Han Ga In have won the game. The members don’t really try to go against them they act like they do but when they confront each other they don’t make enough effort to get away. It’s like you can’t catch me,runs away,gets caught, struggles a little and then ok you caught me, wth! It wasn’t like this before they used to fight to get away but I think they’re just afraid of getting criticized or getting hate mail by the fans of the artists or something. I just hope that the pd stops bringing in guests for a while and just make it like good old running man but if they do bring guests that they don’t make the whole episode about them the show is called running man not the guest ft running man, its more like the other way around running man ft a guest. I hope they do something about this because I haven’t really enjoyed to the max watching this past episodes and after this episode it’s Boa right? Let’s see what happens but so far nothing has come out on who the next guest will be so maybe there wont be one. What do you guys think?


6 responses to “What is happening with Running Man?

  1. True indeed. i wanna see more screen time on the members itself, especially Mong Ji Hyo. 😦
    Reason i’m watching running man’s because of the members, not the guests. Although the guests add up amusement to viewers, it’s going to be annoying if most of the screentime are focused on them.

    • yup me too I watch because of the members and because they all have their own charm and I wanna see our ace at the top of her game too not holding back because of a guest, and i just remembered that they have favoritism too cause lee min ki also came out along with song ye jin but you bearly saw him too.

      • ^agreed! but I find that things have been improving again even though they lost their groove there for a little while. I’m really excited for the upcoming Thailand episode(s)!

        • yea they have been picking up lately, maybe they read my post,jaja or i guess maybe people started to voice their opinion on the fact that they were focusing too much on the guests or something or changing concepts again and yea i cant wait either!

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