Gye baek review ep 24-32 review pt 1

So I finally found a website where they have the whole series from gye baek subbed! so i have  been catching up the last few days and now i only have 4 more episodes and I finish! It has never taken me so much time to watch one series but i think it’s because I’m switching back to the tv since somehow i have found myself watching hooray for love and  history of a salary man? I don’t watch them often because i tend to forget on what days and times they give them but i am totally liking them. So i’m just gonna mix up my reactions of these 8 episodes and I don’t know what part belongs to what episode because i don’t remember, i seem to be having memory problems lately =/

Ok so ui ja and eun go got married and she tells him that he may her body but that he will never have her heart. So they get married cause she’s supposedly pregnant so they cant kill her but then ui ja’s wife finds out he visits her at night when its not permitted if shes pregnant. So her jealousy makes her investigate and she finds out she’s eating food that help conceive and with this evidence she goes to the king to tell him the truth. So eun go is taken to jail and is gonna get killed but then it turns out she does get pregnant in the end and she’s saved.So the years pass by and gye baek becomes an awesome general having victory over victory and ui ja has become king at this point but since the people love gye baek more he become jealous of him. At the same time Eun Go finds out that Ui Ja in order to have her, killed all her family in exchange for her life and at this moment people is where the change in eun go happens and she becomes evil. At this time I feel like Ui Ja is like losing it, hes laughing at random moments and he’s becoming evil but I think its his guilt and jealousy towards gye baek that is changing him. So now the queen for sure lets her evilness come to life towards Eun Go because as we all know she has been jealous of her for a while always tries to put her down but of course Eun Go doesn’t let her bother her because she’s too smart to let her emotions get the best of her. So later Ui Ja goes to see gye baek to want to lead the battle I think and decide he wants to go hunting, i think, so he’s a little drunk and runs off by himself and then enemy takes advantage and tries to kill him. But his horse gets spooked and drops him and he hits his head and in time comes gye baek and saves him and they take him back to the palace. Where hes diagnosed  that he is a state of coma and the doctor’s don’t know if he’ll make it, and here’s the start of my favorite episodes. So the queen takes charge and starts doing things her way because in her mind she has come to the decision that the king is not gonna recuperate. She  decides that its time to name who the crown prince is and starts talking to the nobles to get them on her side so they will vote for her son and not eun go’s, as well as eun go who does some blackmailing to get votes for her son. But in the end its the queen’s son who get chosen which just inflates the queens ego even more, that she decides to have a banquet in order to celebrate that her son has been named crown prince. Though the nobles tell her she shouldn’t because the king is ill she doesn’t listen to them and in the middle of the feast she tells Eun Go to serve her a drink. Which basically is degrading because she’s a queen as well but in order to prove she’s the most powerful of them both she tells her to do it, of course Eun Go knows why the queen is doing it but still goes up to do it but just in time Gye Baek comes to tell the queen not to do it, that celebrating when the king is ill is not right. And from this moment on the queen starts to hate him too because she know he’s only defending Eun Go, but the other noble, the hyung from gye baek, convinces her that having gye baek in her side is better because it would give her more power. Later because they are getting attacked she makes him great general even though it may piss of the king but once again she thinks he’s gonna die. So Gye Baek is the Great General now and nobels are manipulating the queen to change something things within the court of course the queen is to proud and full of power to realize that shes been used. She gives the decisions that all the concubines have to leave the palace along with their children, at the same we now find out the king is waking up and the one that finds out is Eun Go. Here comes my favorite part, As the queen is kicking Eun Go out she begs the queen to let her say good-bye to the king. The queen lets her and while eun go is saying bye the queen tells her that when the king dies she’ll bury them both together along with her son, if he leaves this earth then his favorite concubine should go along with him too. She goes on to tell her all her plans once the king dies and gives her a smirk and leaves and Eun Go smiles and tell Ui Ja if he heard the queen to which Ui Ja just opens his eyes. I was just like screaming OMG at this point, so by ep 32 the queen wants to seal off an alliance with some other country using the king’s seal to which the nobles gasp and tell her only the king is allowed. Which she responds saying that the king is basically dead and that her son is the crown prince and that gives her all the right and power, and guess who comes in right there? Guess…yup the king!!! and with Eun Go right behind him! This was an epic moment in this drama I think, the queen for sure thought she had everything figured out but because she let her emotions get the best of her. Another queen that was desperate for power would have killed the king somehow but she just thought of the present and not of the future, I think Eun Go would have done that. I think she would have killed Ui Ja made her son the crown prince and she would have made herself regent until he was of age and maybe somewhere in between there she would have finally married Gye Baek.

ok this review is getting too long so im going to split it into 2 parts,lol


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