Gye Baek ep 24-32 review pt 2

this is part 2 of my reviews of episode 24-32 of gye baek, its too much info for one post but basically the first part will have almost everything,lol

So after the queen is discovered she begs the king to forgive her but he says he cant because he’s forgiven her too many times already and for what she did it is punishable by death. So she goes to Eun Go and begs for help to which she replies that if she is to be punished that she should be punish along with her son, since she wanted to do the same with her but the queen begs her to save her or her son at least. So she gives her the option either to die along with her son or become a monk along with him and leave the palace forever. To which for her son’s life she agrees but we don’t get to see her leave the palace of course if it was the other way around the queen wouldn’t have been as merciful.oh!! i almost forgot Gye Bael was basically banished from the kingdom because the king didn’t want him to get more victories. Which the army wasn’t happy with and they basically formed a riot? against the king which of course made him mad. Because it showed that his own army loved Gye Baek more so he charges gye baek with treason, and hes about to get killed but the girl(hyomin) begs him not to kill him which makes Ui Ja even more mad and tries to kill him but she gets in the way. So in the end he lets them go and we see sometime later than Gye Baek and the girl end up married and with 2 kids, because she confessed her love in her deathbed to him. They live far away in some farming town, at this time Baekje is losing more and more territory and soldiers are dying and the palace is becoming concerned to Ui Ja decides to swallow his pride and send for Gye Baek to return. And he refuses thinking the same situation is gonna repeat itself but knowing soldiers keep dyeing he decides to go and he starts winning battles and recovering territories  and Ui Ja agrees to all his plans to show him he’s changed. By this time Eun Go is the queen and her son the crown prince but she’s not getting recognized by the Tang which upsets Ui Ja, Kim chun chun at this time is losing territory that he just won so he blackmail’s eun go asking for information or he will tell that she is a spy for shilla. She gives it to him and shilla is able to ambush baekje(?) which brings to light that there is a spy in the palace since only 5 people knew where the next attack was going to be in, which was Gye Baek, Eun Go, Ui Ja and the two hyungs*i dont know theyre names*. So this is where i left off and I have 4 more episodes to go and im done! I gotta say in enjoyed this drama and can’t wait for Ji hyo’s next drama ^-^


p.s see I told you this was going to be shorter,lol


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