Running Man ep 82 review

Omg u dont know how much im laughing right now as im watching this episode, maybe you do or your about to know as soon as you watch this episode. So there doing a water balloon mission where from a high place they are thrown water balloons which they’re supposed to burst wearing boxing gloves and they whole thing is just hilarious. Especially since they think they’re bursting the balloons but when we see it in slow motion they’re just bouncing off,jaja and i just noticed but the TOUCH.FEEL.CROSS thing is kinda catching on. On the episode where gary and kwang soo were a team together they made up the cross thing but with different wording and now in this episode jong kook did it with kwang soo well more like try to do it cause it didn’t feel the same as when he did it with suk jin, oh and im sorry to suk jin i thought his last name was lee or kim but its ji suk jin damn i forgot already but sorry,lol and i guess i was wrong on what they episode was gonna be about, I thought they were all gonna be spies without each other knowing and maybe she was the real one or something but no the guest is the spy. Ok maybe i should have watched a few more minutes before saying something but from what i can tell they’re all gonna be “spies” but fake ones and the real one is the guest. Ok shes not a spy, *claps slowly* very good pd i’m impressed I didn’t see that one coming,lol Poor jae suk he really doesn’t know what to do with her when she keeps telling him shes also a spy and that they have to kill not eliminate everyone else. reminds me of the family outing episode with the comrade from spy myung wol and he said that he could do a bunch of imitations but in reality he just changed the pitch of his voice,lol The guest is kinda funny at times but then idk i kinda get the feeling shes acting most of the time shes like ” omg what do i do”” i have to kill em first” while making too many expressions and trying to be cute all the time, I just find some of her reactions exaggerated. I dont know maybe its just me? But overall it was a good and funny episode.


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