Take care of us captain ep 9-10 review

so i just watched ep 9 and i gotta say im confused. Ok so i had started to think that maybe captain kim was going to end up with manager choi. But when i saw the part when manager choi went to him asking to start again and hugged him and he saw that the main girl*have yet to learn her name by memory* was looking at them it looked like he wanted to go after her and then he actually went to her house. But I also got the feeling he got jealous seeing her run with the radio tower guy and picked on her. So im thinking maybe this is just another drama where the ex comes back but there’s also that other chick that keeps calling him oppa and saying they have a special relationship. It seems everyone wants to be with this guy, but i feel sorry for the tower guy he obviously likes her but like always hes not gonna end up with her. Now im on episode 10 and well its obvious she trying make him jealous cause by now we can tell that she likes him and maybe maybe im not so sure he likes her back but theres still like 8? episodes more to go so idk i think anything could happen. I feel this drama is not as predictable as other dramas or maybe im just getting rusty and loosing my touch. Omg you know what ok im getting upset now, they just saw each other at the restaurant cause he obviously overheard her saying that she accepted going to the restaurant with the tower guy and here comes captain kim and takes manager choi to the SAME restaurants cause obviously thats the only restaurant that exists in Korea. I hate when people use other people that obviously like them to get someone else jealous disregarding the other persons feeling, its really messed up… ugh. Wait but in the end its manager choi who took advantage of the situation, such a meanie!  Omg the little girl is sooo cute she actually kissed him!! can i kiss him too?,lol she also tells him that her sister kissed with the tower guy,cant wait to see what hes gonna do about it*and yes im watching as i write,lol* why am i so happy that hes jealous? he even brings it out when he usually avoids talking about personal stuff and did u see his reaction when she told him she liked the kiss,lol I hate ex’s they always ruin everything if they really loved the other person they would let them go to the person they love now but nooo manager choi just knew she was gonna go back so what does she do? she takes off her own blouse and puts one of his shirts on so she can think they were together ugh i just wanna kill her! ok not kill her but just beat her up a bit. But yes i admit shes not as evil as other ex’s. So as you can see I watched ep 9 and 10 today i just had the other post under rough draft I didn’t see all ten today,lol.


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