Take care of us captain ep 1-8 review

So like a couple days ago i started watching Take care of us captain * i stopped watching a 1000 kisses…for now* and its pretty good so far, but all this time ive been watching it I had the thought that ji jin hee and the main lead actress are gonna end up together. But as i am watching episode 8 all im thinking is damn hes gonna end up with the manager choi? Its just gonna be another coffee house where i thought the two main leads would end up together but nooo the male lead ends up with the second female lead. I love the second female lead of this drama from when i saw her in my too perfect sons as bok shil but im not really liking her character here. So my prediction is maybe the female lead is gonna end up with chun hee? (the tower control guy) but at the same time i doubt it, which is kinda sad. Hopefully I get to finish seeing this drama since im really liking it but im not sure how many episodes it has. Can i safely say i love this man I really think Ji jin hee is a super handsome man if he was younger like by 8 yrs? not sure how old he is and not marrired i would soo date him,lol and im really loving his character I just feel like giving him a really big hug and a kiss,jaja ok sorry. Ima watch ep 9 now soo…bye.


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